What influences the demand for Blackjack in Florida?

Playing card games is always a popular pastime and there are so many out there to choose from. If you prefer playing alone, you can play Solitaire. Or maybe you prefer to get a bit more competitive and play a game of poker. Then there’s one of the most popular games out there – Blackjack.

This card game is popular all over the world but there has been a rise in the demand for it in Florida. We’re going to explore a bit more how technology has made this increase in demand.

The impact of technology on the popularity of Blackjack

Blackjack has always been one of the most popular card games to play. When it was invented is up for debate, but most people think that it was around the 17th century. Since then, it has only grown in popularity due to it being an easy game to play once you’ve learned all the rules that go with it.

Since the internet has become commonplace in most areas of the world, online casinos have also grown in popularity. The fact that people don’t have to go out to a land-based casino to play the games they love has meant that more people have gotten involved.

Before online gaming, players would have had to organize themselves a bit more to be able to travel to land-based casinos. There was also the issue of not having a land-based casino close enough to them to be able to enjoy. If you had to travel for hours on end, the fun is taken out of playing the games you love.

However, with online casinos, the fun can be had from anywhere! Any place you have internet access, you can also access all the games you know and love to play. Having the ease of being able to play games from your sofa or anywhere else you have internet access means that online gaming grew in popularity and continues to do so up until this day.

Playing Blackjack online is especially popular as it is so easy to play online, and you can even still play it with your friends. There’s no need to miss out on the social aspect of playing games just because you’re not sat right next to each other.

What happened with online gaming laws in Florida

Online gaming laws are constantly changing and being altered in one way or another. It can be difficult to keep up with what’s allowed and what isn’t as it changes all the time. It is even more confusing when you consider that throughout most of the country, online gaming is perfectly legal and is done by people from all walks of life.

You could move from one state to another and suddenly, you’re not allowed to access the same online gaming sites you’ve been using for years. It seems bizarre and slightly unfair as this is the one place where there is the most disparity in terms of laws.

It seems especially unfair as online gaming is meant to be a source of entertainment and fun. There aren’t legal limits on other hobbies such as sports but when it comes to sports betting, there are huge legal differences everywhere.

Florida did change their online gaming laws back in November 2021. Sports betting was suddenly legal and possible for everyone in the state to enjoy. But there was a lawsuit brought against the state by the Seminole Tribe who run all of the casinos and race tracks in the state. Until the courts can evaluate the case, all online sports betting in Florida has been put on pause.

How are people able to game online in Florida?

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Florida’s online gaming has been on a rise.

Online gambling laws are notoriously difficult to control as there is no physical way to see whether someone is gaming or not. Even though Florida regained control of the online gambling laws after their temporary hiatus, there are still a few ways that people have managed to play online games in Florida.

As online gaming is all done through different sites, there are of course sites that are not based in Florida that you can access. Just because the sites in Florida are out of bounds, doesn’t mean that you can’t access sites in countries where it is legal to do so.

There are some technologies such as VPNs that allow you to pose as being somewhere else in the world. These technologies are usually used for harmless security reasons as it is less likely that someone is able to hack your computer using one. However, there are people who use these technologies for other, more nefarious reasons. This is not recommended as it is still very much against the law to access online gaming in Florida.

And of course, the more you tell people not to do something, the more they want to do it! It seems to be the human condition to rebel against the rules and the status quo. So, although it is definitely not recommended, there are still ways to play in Florida, but it comes with a significant risk.

Online gaming in Florida might be on pause for now, but there is always hope that this will change at a future date. Hopefully with the popularity of online games such as Blackjack ever growing in popularity, the need for more flexible online gaming laws will become paramount.

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