What Principles to Follow While Promoting Your Instagram Page in 2022

In 2022 it is required to know several principles of how promotion on social media works to reach success in terms of developing your page here.

Earlier in time you could easily use #followforfollow or #likeforlike and gather your first thumbs up and subscribers; today none of it actually works, and people have to use the help of professional social media managers to succeed.

However, to some people, this is definitely not affordable, and they have to look for other methods to use to save money and reach their goals at the same time.

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What is the main rule of Instagram promotion today?

You need to gain only real subscribers and make it look natural – any other method won’t work, this is why while using a chance to buy Instagram followers you have to check the quality of the delivered subs. You won’t have to do that while setting a targeted ad, but when using a third-party paid service – precaution is needed.

And, what’s also important, the bought pack should suit the current “size” of your profile: if you have no subs at all, don’t rush into buying 1000 readers right away; this is not going to look natural.

Start with a small number and then, gradually, increase the number and upbuild your audience to make it believable to the people who already follow you and who only make a decision whether they should do that or not.

What are the tools you can use

In addition to the possibility to buy real Instagram followers and a targeted audience, you can pull off PR – free or paid, depending on the budget that you have on hand.

If you’re trying to save up, you can collaborate with the bloggers who have the same number of subscribers as you do or a little bit more; write them an offer to “exchange” the audiences and help each other. You’d be surprised at how many people are going to be glad to work with you.

If you can spend some, it is better to turn to help from a bigger blogger: they can make a post or a story where they are going to recommend your account to their viewers. These are called native advertisements, and those work quite well in terms of attracting a specific and highly interested audience to a new account.

Choose somebody who posts on the same topic as you do (or is working in the neighboring sphere) and try to create a very unique and entertaining post or story for promotion. Plus, have some content prepared beforehand – you need to have something to meet and greet your new coming audience with.


In 2022 promotion on social media should look as natural as possible: to reach that, buy a reasonable number of subscribers, work with bloggers for native ads, and always check the quality of shown services in the promotional sphere.

Follow the pieces of advice we have given you above and be ready for great results coming asap!

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