11-foot Alligator Blocks Highway Traffic on Florida (Footage)

During the morning commute on Wednesday, an 11-foot alligator ended up on the road and slowed drivers on a Florida highway.

State Road 417 in Seminole County was temporarily closed due to the alligator wandering into traffic.

The alligator crawled from Lake Jesup and emerged onto northbound lanes near Oviedo, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Police, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Florida Highway Patrol responded after the gator slowed down traffic.

Also, Oviedo Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol vehicles were spotted surrounding the beast in order to create a safe passage for oncoming traffic.

After a while, the gator moved into the emergency lane, easing congestion on the highway.

A specialist from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to remove the gator. However, the reptile’s exact location is unknown at that time.

Also, a massive alligator was spotted on Easter morning strolling through a residential area in Florida.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office shared a video showing the gator crawling across driveways and occasionally stopping as it continued towards Harrington Lake in Venice.

“We’re guessing he was about 10 feet in length and boy, did he take his time making it back to the lake he came from. (We can’t blame him just thinking about how heavy that tail must be,” The sheriff’s office wrote.


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