5 People Were Shot 3 of Them Fatally During a 100-car Procession on Chicago’s Southwest Side

A night of street racing in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighbourhood culminated in gunfire. Three of the five victims who were shot died early on Sunday. Everyone was having fun until gunfire started to ring out, according to a person who lives above local businesses, who spoke to Shardaa Gray of CBS 2.

Darrell Cross remarked, “I simply hear pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop and shoosh, I’m gone. On Sunday, there were still a few doughnut circles visible at the junction of Archer and Kedzie. For five years, Cross has resided close by. He went outdoors after hearing the street racing to investigate.

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“There were simply too many cars there. All four directions, all four. Kedzie, Archer, there was no movement. Individuals were perched atop their vehicles, watching people whirl around “explained Cross. These three persons passed away, and two more suffered serious injuries.

Officers were called to the incident in the 4300 block of South Kedzie in the Brighton Park neighbourhood at around 4 a.m. after receiving reports of a big caravan of 100 cars drifting in the centre of the street, according to CPD Commander Don Jerome. Through ShotSpotter, thirteen shots were reported.

Everyone was having a good time until mayhem broke out, according to Cross. A city ordinance intended to outlaw drifting and drag racing was passed in July. The repercussions include having the car towed and paying a $5,000–$10,000 fine. According to Ald. Raymond Lopez, it isn’t working.

He said, “Last night, it didn’t work.” “And it wasn’t limited to this area. We wouldn’t have five people shot here right now if this had been stopped at the very first place where the circle of foolishness began last night.” According to Lopez, locals are fed up with the mayhem but accept the noise and don’t report it to the police because they feel powerless.

“Therefore, because we’re not actively enforcing it, daily constituents are ceasing their 911 calls because they think it’s a waste of time. However, if we take action, I’m certain that people would start calling again “said he.

According to Lopez, his working-class inhabitants are sick of feeling cooped up in their homes and are afraid to go because they don’t want to end up in a situation like what happened on Saturday night. The victims were gang-affiliated male Hispanics between the ages of 15 and 20. While still in serious condition, two further guys are anticipated to make it out of Mount Sinai Hospital.

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