A Man From Central Florida Intended To Blow Up His Community

FLORIDA’S LAKE COUNTY —Families in Lake County claim that just a few days ago, they received a temporary order to vacate their residences so that a bomb squad may search one of their neighbours’ residences. Tulip Avenue houses were trembling. Anna Ramirez, a neighbour along Tulip Avenue, stated, “I constantly hear a lot of boom, boom, boom, boom everywhere. Ramirez and other neighbours claimed to have heard explosions coming from Markus Fricke’s house, and that each explosion grew more powerful.

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“Scary. My gosh, I said to my spouse, “We’re still here.” I say, Amen “Added Ramirez. According to John Herrell, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, “a female phoned our agency to let us know that he had all kinds of explosive chemicals and explosive devices that he had created there in the home.” According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, a woman who shared the residence with Fricke made a phone call and claimed that Fricke intended to blow himself, his house, and the entire street up.

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