A Silent Voice 2

A Silent Voice 2: Will There Be A Second Part Of This Movie?

Reiko Yoshida wrote the story for “A Silent Voice” (Koe no Katachi), a 2016 Japanese animated film written and directed by Naoko Yamada, and starring characters created by Futoshi Nishiya. The film is based on Yoshitoki Immanga a’s of the same name, which he wrote and illustrated. The film premiered on September 17th, 2016, in Japan, and it was released between February and June of 2017 in various other countries across the world.

As a hearing-impaired girl joins an elementary school group, the movie explores how the group’s emotional, social, and spiritual characteristics develop in relation to her. Teenagers’ reactions to the arrival of a new student can range from negative to neutral.

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A Silent Voice 2 Storyline

Shoya Ishida, a high school student, first plans to commit suicide, but he changes his mind and decides to finish off some unfinished business. Shoko Nishimiya, a sixth-grade student at Shoya’s primary school, attends Shoya’s class and is shown to be deaf in a flashback. It’s hard for her to fit in at school since Shoya and his gang of bullies see her as an easy mark.

In response to the principal learning about the bullying, Shoya’s teacher accuses him of being the perpetrator, and as a result, the bullies in the class begin to target him. They get into a physical argument because Shoya blames Shoko for the incident. Shoya finds a notepad that Shoko had left behind and decides to preserve it once she is transferred to a new school.

Shoya, a bully in middle school, is now a depressed recluse who is unwilling to look others in the eye and imagines an “X” mark on people’s faces because of his notoriety. Shoya goes to the sign language center to return Shoko’s notebook and apologize, but then panics and requests to be friends instead. When Shoya learns that Shoko has accepted his offer, he feels obligated to make amends for his previous treatment of her. Another loner, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, meets Shoya after he saves him from a bully and helps him out.

A Silent Voice
A Silent Voice

Despite the fact that it is against the rules, Shoya decides to swim in the river in order to rescue Shoko’s notebook after he accidentally loses it there. A photo of Shoya jumping into the pool is taken by Shoko’s younger sister, Yuzuru, and she puts it online in order to retaliate against him. Shoya is able to track down Yuzuru, who has been missing since she ran away from home. Shoya follows her as she sneaks out in the middle of the night, and the two wind up becoming friends.

Miyoko Sahara, a former classmate of Shoko’s from elementary school, reunites with Shoya and Shoko. Shoya misunderstands Shoko’s confession of love for him when she gives him a present and declares her feelings for him verbally rather than in writing.

The entire elementary school class, including Miki Kawai (another friend from elementary school) and Satoshi Mashiba (a friend of Miki’s), have been invited to an amusement park by Shoya. When they arrive, they are joined by Naoka Ueno (who had also bullied Shoko alongside Shoya in elementary school), who leads Shoko onto a Ferris wheel.

Angry at Shoko, Naoka blames her for causing a split in the relationship between her and Shoya, whom she is smitten with. Shoya sees the footage that Yuzuru had been capturing the interaction in secret. To clear her name following the leak, Miki reveals Shoya’s backstory to the classmates who were unaware of it. After Naoka continues to be dismissive, she tries to apologize to the group, but Shoya dismisses them all.

Shoya finds out The grandma of Shoko and Yuzuru recently died. Shoya drives them to the countryside to lift their spirits, and he notices that Shoko is blaming herself for everything that has gone wrong. When Shoya realizes how much he cares for the sisters, he makes a life-changing decision.

Shoko goes home pretending to finish schoolwork during a fireworks event. When Yuzuru asks Shoya to retrieve her camera, he follows her. On arrival, he discovers Shoko on the balcony, prepared to take her own life. However, in the process of pulling her up, Shoya slips and falls into the river below. He is saved by his former best buddies from elementary school, but he falls into a coma as a result of the rescue. Shoko meets with each member of the group to discuss the circumstances surrounding her and Shoya’s plight.

A Silent Voice 2 Casts And Characters

Robbie Daymond

As a voice actor, Robert Daymond Howard (né Niles; born March 11, 1982), is best known for voicing SwaySway in the Nickelodeon animated series Breadwinners, Jesse Cosay in the second season of Infinity Train, and Spider-Man in various Marvel media and Goro Akechi in Persona 5, is a well-known American voice actor.

Lexi Marman Cowden

Lexi Cowden, who provided the English voice for Shoko, is a deaf actor, and her voice acting for the character was simply put, amazing.

Other Casts: Kristen Sullivan,  Graham Halstead 

A Silent Voice 2 Release Date

A silent voice was released on October 20, 2017. Currently, there is no release date for A Silent Voice 2 but if the movie is renewed we can expect the release in the fall of 2023 or 2024.

A Silent Voice 2 Trailer


Returning to school reunites Shoya with his old pals and reveals just how much they miss him. Shoya is finally able to look people in the eyes again as he imagines the “X” marks melting away while the group attends the school celebration together. Shoya weeps when he sees his family and all the new acquaintances he’s made, realizing that he’s finally come to terms with his past.

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