A Topeka Police Officer Was Shot During a Shootout With a Murder Suspect

Kansas’s TOPEKA (WIBW) – During a shootout with a murder suspect in Downtown Topeka on Thursday morning, a Topeka Police officer was hit by bullets. The incident was the result of a shooting on Topeka’s south side an hour prior that left one person dead and another hurt.

Just after 9:30 a.m., according to the Topeka Police Department, police rushed to a home in the 3500 block of SW Kerry Ave. on allegations of a shooting. When the police came, they discovered two people: one injured and later declared dead at the site. AMR was used to transport the victim to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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According to TPD, both victims suffered from what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Adults, one male, and one female were both. TPD did not say whether the victim was a man or a woman. Eight homes and yards were blocked off with crime scene tape during their investigation. The house where the cops are most active is located at 3530 SW Kerry.

According to Capt. Jerry Monasmith, who spoke to 13 NEWS, all persons involved have been located, and the suspect or suspects and the victims are acquainted. Monasmith said he thinks the suspect or suspects have been found, but as of 11 a.m., he was unable to confirm.

Around 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, many units at the crime site quickly fled after seeing the suspect vehicle, according to authorities. Scanner activity shortly after that pointed to a high-speed chase and potential gunfight with the assassination suspects on Topeka’s east side.

Police Chase & Shootout

Later, Topeka Police reported that a Topeka Police Officer had seen the suspect’s car close to Topeka’s Hi-Crest neighborhood. They sped off, but the pursuit came to a halt shortly after in Downtown Topeka close to SW 6th Ave. and S. Kansas Ave. since the suspects had been firing rounds at the police all along.

According to TPD, the suspect opened fire on the responding officers after his car crashed. One of the officers was injured. The nature of the officer’s injuries was not made public, but according to TPD, he was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The officer was protected from significant injury by the department-issued vest, according to TPD, and has since received treatment and been discharged. According to witnesses who spoke to 13 NEWS, police were nearby when the suspects turned their weapons on the cops just as they were about to engage them between 6th and Kansas Avenue.

A firefight broke out. It was possible to see two vehicles with bullet holes in their windshields: a gold sedan and a police cruiser. A witness reported hearing about 30 bullets fired to 13 NEWS. Police open fire on a person thought to be a suspect in the murder on SW Kerry, as seen in a video obtained by 13 NEWS from a viewer.

After many bullets have been fired, a sizable contingent of law enforcement can be seen approaching a wrecked car with their rifles drawn in the video. Police are seen pulling someone from the automobile in the video a short while afterward.

Witnesses told 13 NEWS that a woman was sitting in the passenger seat and that the individual who was removed from the car was a man. Both appeared to have been hit by gunshots according to scanner traffic, however, TPD would not confirm this.

According to TPD, one suspect was hospitalized with serious injuries and is still under police protection. He claimed that although another had been transported to the hospital, their condition was stable. From S. Kansas Ave. to Quincy and areas beyond, 6th St. in Downtown Topeka has been cordoned off by police.

Just before 11:30 a.m., police did state that the public was no longer in danger. They also said the inquiry would be taken over by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Lynn Rogers, the state treasurer of Kansas, who has an office nearby, claimed to have been in a meeting with trustees of the KPERS at the time of the occurrence.

Treasurer Rogers said, “We are really appreciative to the men and women in law enforcement who work to protect the inhabitants of Topeka. “I applaud their prompt action, and we value the professionalism with which they handled the circumstance.”

Staff told Rogers about the police response, he said. Treasurer Rogers stated, “We acted swiftly to shut down both the KPERs board meeting and the State Treasurer’s Office to safeguard the safety of individuals nearby.

This event serves as a reminder of the value of having security plans and law enforcement officers in place. Rogers added that he offers his support to the affected officers and the people of Topeka. Around 1 o’clock, TPD entered a walk-in accident reporting while officers were occupied with the investigation.

TPD stated that officers will only react to the following during walk-in accident reporting:

  • Any harm, potential harm, or death to any person
  • Possibility of drug or alcohol use causing a driver’s impairment
  • incidences of hit-and-run
  • Disputes between the parties involved in an incident Any circumstance involving a hazardous material
  • when a collision causes significant traffic congestion
  • TPD has asked anybody with footage of the incident to report that information to the 
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation so that detectives may have a more complete view of the scene when a vehicle is damaged to the point where towing is necessary.

According to Police Chief Bryan Wheeles, the incident was widespread and involved the majority of the city. Officials did warn that given the downtown location and level of violence present, the incident might have resulted in a significantly higher death rate. As KBI looks into the officer-involved shooting, TPD said it will keep looking into the homicide.

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