AI Creates ‘Last Selfie On Earth’ That Looks So Scary

The “final” selfies shot on Earth may appear horrifying, according to artificial intelligence-generated photos. The unsettling visuals, which show how the AI foresees the end of the planet, strangely resemble scenes from a major Hollywood motion picture. The images were shared by the TikTok account Robot Overloards, which shares AI-generated images in response to user requests. The images were produced using DALL-E 2, an AI image generator.

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The frightening pictures show deformed people with lengthy fingers and big eyeballs. In one, a huge explosion can be seen happening over the shoulder of a man who is maniacally glaring into the camera. Another shows a menacing skeletal figure surrounded by a huge cloud of smoke.  Four different selfies were created by the AI. They show people, some with wounded and mutilated features, standing in front of various fiery and ominous surroundings as shown in the episode.

If the AI is right, the men’s horrified expressions are evidence that the end of the world won’t be nice. In fact, there’s a potential that people will bring about their own demise. Some online users believed the images were not from Earth, but rather from another planet. One viewer said, “The photographs look like they’re from different planets, and one’s from the moon.” “Seems some faulty calculation…as earth is secure in background…..this may be some other area,” another person said. Someone asked, “Has anyone noticed that all the backgrounds are the same simply from various angles?”

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