‘Amazing Volume of Gunfire’: a Shooting in a Crowd Kills 1 Person and Injures 8 More in Tallahassee

The Tallahassee Police Department reports that eight people were hurt and at least one person died late on Saturday. A man who the police believe was involved in the shooting that happened just before midnight on West Pensacola Street was shot and taken into custody. Police said no arrests have been made, but three persons are being held.

At a press conference on Sunday morning, Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell stated that “there were dozens and dozens of bullets that rang out from this.” He added, “We’ll continue to gather the information that’s necessary to fit all the pieces together, so there could be more.”

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As the firing was happening, these policemen went in that direction, according to Revell.
According to a news release, “several persons inside the masses” started firing between Half-Time Liquors and Los Compadres on Saturday night while police were attempting to manage crowds near Florida State University’s campus.

It’s one big incident, said Revell. “This occurrence took place at a number of different sites, but yeah, we think it was just one isolated incidence,” Near Half-Time Liquors, officers discovered a male victim who passed away at the site. According to Revell, eight additional shooting victims were sent to nearby hospitals with injuries ranging from mild to serious.

“At this time, we don’t anticipate any additional fatalities. But once more, it depends on the location and nature of the wounds, as well as the trajectory and course of the bullets.” Revell remarked. Ten people in total, including the shooter, were shot. According to Revell, both men and women were victims.

There were hundreds of individuals in the neighbourhood, according to TPD spokesperson Heather Merritt. At the time of the event, ride-share driver Danny Chichester said he had “never seen that many TPD, sheriff’s [deputies], TFD, and EMTs” in the neighbourhood. Chichester also observed that many locals were dressed up for Halloween or in Florida State or Florida A&M colours, as both schools had home football games on Saturday.

Police claim they witnessed a man firing into a crowd near a McDonald’s while he was armed and ordered him to put the gun down. The man was then shot and taken into custody. In the news conference, Revell stated that the suspect’s injuries were not life-threatening.

He received gunshot wounds to his lower back, buttocks, and hamstring. According to protocol, the policemen who shot the subject have been placed on administrative leave. What kind of weapons were employed is yet unknown. The arrested suspect had a firearm with him. Two more people were taken into custody on unrelated suspicions. According to authorities, all three suspects are from the area.

“We train to respond to these kinds of active shooter scenarios and neutralise the threat. In this instance, that is just what our police did “Revell remarked. In order to conduct their investigation, police closed West Pensacola Street between Stadium Drive and White Drive. Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey commended the police response to the incident on Twitter, writing: “I am pleased with the Tallahassee Police Department’s brave officers’ prompt action. They prioritise others’ security over their own.

Without hesitation, they jumped into the fray and even ran into the firing line to help a victim. Their prompt action resulted in the apprehension of three suspects and rendered one suspect incapacitated, preventing further casualties. They deserve praise for their boldness.”

The shootings occurred at the end of a hectic weekend in the state capital of Florida, which has been dealing with an increase in gun crime for years. The shootings took place just a few blocks from the campus and sports facility of FSU. Football at FSU took against Georgia Tech at midday, and FAMU’s game on Saturday night was a part of its homecoming festivities. The incident is being investigated, according to TPD.

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