Anne Heche Reportedly Hospitalized Post Car Crash

Actress Anne Heche, who has appeared in movies like Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, appeared in TV series like Chicago P.D., and has provided voices for several animated films, including The Legend of Korra, has been in a car accident that can only be characterized as “bizarre.” She is now hospitalized and in a condition that makes it difficult for medical professionals to determine what happened.

The collision occurred on Friday around noon in west Los Angeles’ Mar Vista area in Southern California. Heche’s blue Mini Cooper reportedly struck an apartment complex’s garage as she was travelling down the road in her car, according to TMZ. Then, according to reports, Heche accelerated and pulled away before striking a house again later. The house and the car were both destroyed by fire that was ignited by the second collision.

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Although the degree of Anne Heche’s wounds is unknown, she was apparently burned in the fire and was carried away from the scene of the accident on a stretcher. Other than those minor burns, Anne Heche’s injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. Although the burns on the actress supposedly prevent physicians from completing many tests on her, she is apparently intubated in the hospital.

Whether Anne Heche was driving while intoxicated is undoubtedly the most important thing that pops into your head. Although this hasn’t been verified, it appears that the test can’t be done because of the actress’s current health. It’s an idea that could work given what we know, but for now it’s just conjecture.

Although Anne Heche has performed in around 100 acting roles, many people still remember her as the lady who dated Ellen DeGeneres at the time of Ellen’s initial coming out as homosexual.  Particularly when she appeared in the romantic comedy Six Days, Seven Nights with Harrison Ford, a lot was made of Heche’s sexual orientation. It appears that the directors briefly considered cutting Heche from the picture, but the actress attributes Ford with keeping her on the picture. Save Me, an NBC comedy that starred Anne Heche in 2013, was cancelled after seven episodes.

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