Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date: Is The Anime Going To Be On Netflix?

Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author and illustrator of the manga series Chainsaw Man (, Hepburn: Chens Man). Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump serialized the first part from December 2018 to December 2020; Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ online magazine began serializing the second part in July 2022. Its chapters have been compiled in 11 tankōbon volumes as of March 2021.

Chainsaw Man tells the narrative of Denji, an impoverished young man who after striking a pact with a dog-like devil called Pochita, he fuses with Denji, gaining him the ability to change sections of his body into chainsaws. Denji subsequently joins the Public Security Devil Hunters, a government organization dedicated to battling against devils anytime they become a threat to the planet.

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Chainsaw Man Storyline

Pochita, Denji’s dog and Chainsaw Devil’s ally help Denji pay off his late father’s yakuza debts. Denji is a young man locked in a cycle of poverty. Denji is betrayed by the Yakuza, who kills him for a contract with the Zombie Devil. Pochita makes a deal with Denji, becoming a human-demon Hybrid in exchange for Denji showing Pochita his aspirations.

Denji massacres the yakuza and is approached by a team of governmental Devil Hunters, the Public Safety Division, directed by Makima, who persuades him to join their ranks. The Blood Fiend Power and the self-destructive Devil Hunter Aki Hayakawa have joined forces with Denji, who has agreed to their alliance. Makima promises Denji any favor, provided he slays the Gun Devil, the perpetrator of the biggest atrocity in human history.

Denji’s group finds another hybrid, the Katana Man, an angry yakuza evidently linked with the Gun Devil, who murders a huge chunk of the Division. As Denji and Power learn from master Devil-hunter Kishibe, who has mistrust for Makima, Aki strikes a bargain with the Future Devil, who predicts a “terrible death” for him. The Katana Man is finally taken down by the Division after a successful counterattack.

Chainsaw Man Anime
Chainsaw Man Anime

After a while, Denji falls in love with Reze, a lady who turns out to be the Soviet Union’s Bomb Woman, a Hybrid spy assigned to catch him. Though returning his adoration, she attacks the city, with the Division narrowly saving Denji. After healing, Denji confronts Makima and agrees to leave Japan with her, but Makima sneaks up on her and kidnaps her. Denji’s confrontation with the Bomb Woman discloses his presence to the world.

At least five different foreign assassination squads are after Denji: the Chinese hunter Quanxi, the mysterious “Santa Claus,” three American brothers, and a Russian woman who is tutoring a student named Tolka. Denji is provided with a security detail. Despite the brothers’ repulsion and Quanxi’s initial inaction, Santa Claus unleashes a massive horde with the help of his Doll Devil abilities.

After a follow-up by Quanxi, Tolka’s master reveals herself as the genuine “Santa Claus”, and has all parties taken to Hell, where they are attacked by the Darkness Devil. Santa Claus makes a bargain with the Darkness Devil that empowers her.

Makima retrieves the gang from Hell. Quanxi helps Denji defeat Santa Claus; Makima dispatches her thereafter. After Denji recovers, Makima explains the Gun Devil is truly a geopolitical asset, with several factions holding bits of it. As Aki pleads with Makima for Denji’s protection, the president of the United States orders the Gun Devil to strike Japan and kill Makima.

Revealed to be the Control Devil, Makima faces the Gun Devil and wins. The Gun Devil turns Aki into a Fiend when he dies in the attack. Denji is ambushed by the Gun Fiend, and, supported by civilians, kills it; Aki’s death devastates him. Makima kills Power while appearing to comfort him, revealing herself as the person responsible for Denji’s losses and her attempt to invalidate his contract with Pochita by destroying his hopes for a normal life. Makima kills Power.

Kishibe attacks her, and she calls for “Chainsaw Man” to save her. Controlling Denji’s body, Pochita resumes his actual form and runs. Makima reveals her goal: to use Pochita’s power to eradicate conceptions from reality to create a world without suffering; for this purpose, she was empowered by the government with immortality.

Fighting the Chainsaw Man utilizing the brainwashed Hybrids, who include Katana Man, Reze, and Quanxi, she prevails, as Denji’s heroic efforts have damaged Pochita. Denji’s last hope for survival is restored when Power, reformed from a drop of Denji’s blood, joins Chainsaw Man on the run and promises to find her when she is reborn in Hell.

Invigorated by popular support for him, Denji approaches Makima and defeats her; to bypass her immortality, he consumes her flesh. Kishibe reveals the Control Devil returned in the shape of a tiny girl, now named Nayuta. He urges Denji to look after her, and Pochita supports this mission in Denji’s dreams. When Denji is older, he goes to high school, where he continues his battle with the devil in full view of the public.

Chainsaw Man Release Date

After the first NSFW teaser was released in June, there was no doubt that fans were expecting Chainsaw Man to be released this year. However, after the release of the teaser, there have been no new developments regarding the anime. Luckily, we could be getting some good news.

If rumors are to be believed, the first batch of episodes will be broadcast in tandem with the publication of the manga’s second volume next year! The revelation was relayed on Twitter by a fan account that gathers intel about Weekly Shonen Jump. An anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man will be produced in 2022 in addition to the manga’s much-awaited sequel.

Chainsaw Man Trailer

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