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Chicago Crisis: Teens Detail Why They Carjack



Chicago is dealing with a carjacking crisis. The city is witnessing a steep rise from last year’s numbers due to which police and communities are still trying to prevent these crimes.

According to the city data, there have been more than 1,300 vehicular hijackings so far in 2021, up one-third from the same period last year. The Chicago Police Department said that only 6% of reported carjackings this year led to an arrest, the same as last year.

Here are some of the statements from young carjackers, cited by CBS Chicago in a special report, explaining why they committed these crimes, and what it will take to stop them. Take a look:

Why Do They Do It?

‘David’ is 14 years old.

“If they fight back, I drag them out of the car and get in,” he said.

‘Nicole’ is 16 with a long list of carjackings on her record.

“I’d say like six. I don’t know. I don’t count. (laughs)”

What Are The Crimes?

Hundreds of teens in Chicago are looking for their next victim. According to the Chicago Police data CBS 2 received through public records, 50 kids have been arrested by the police. All of them were between the age of 12 and 17 years who carjacked, and these incidents took place in the first four months of this year.

‘David’ had not been arrested when CBS Chicago talked with him over the summer. The outlet was informed by David and that he did not have any regrets after his first carjacking. Carjacking can happen anywhere and anytime, in dark places and alleys with anyone. It may even take place in front of your house.

Victims described their carjackers: “I could just feel her hands around my neck.” And “…leaned over into the car and put the gun to my head.” And “…put a gun to my chest and said, ‘If you move, I’ll kill you.”

The police have been probing for the surge in carjackings for the last two years. This incident shocked many victims who are the same age as the attackers.

“I want my husband back. It’s the worst day of my life”, cried the wife of a man shot dead when teens couldn’t figure out how to drive his car.

Teens also beat the daughter of an army veteran to death.

The carjacking task force has been expanded by the Chicago police. This has been done almost twice this year, which, however, did not yield any positive results. CPD has been able to arrest only 73 of 1,203 carjackings throughout September. This accounts for an arrest under 6%.

The arrest data reveals 54% of those arrested for carjackings (January through April) were 17 years old or younger.

According to CBS News, a room was set up by the outlet for a conversation with the three teens and a sting operation was conducted in a way that they couldn’t see each other.

‘David’ is 14 Years Old

Sargent: “What drew you to it?”

‘David’: “The game. GTA.”

(GTA is the longstanding, popular video game, Grand Theft Auto.)

‘David’: “If you don’t got a car on there, you can just take the car from people. It looked fun. I wanted to do it.”

Sargent: “Take me back that first time.”

‘David’: “Me and my friends, three of us, we were walking and I told ‘em ‘Let’s take a car.’ We saw a man and we just ran and stuck him up and got in the car and drove off.”

Sargent: “Did he seem scared, shocked to see someone so young doing it?”

‘David’: “Yeah.”

Sargent: “Would you say that it was easy?”

‘David’: “Yes.”

He says getting the gun was also simple.

‘David’: “People on Facebook and stuff. They sell guns.”

Sargent: “So you were able to buy a weapon off Facebook?”

‘David’: “Yes.”

Sargent: “And do you find a lot of kids your age do that?”

‘David’: “Yes.”

‘Nicole’ is 16 Years Old

‘Nicole’ carjacks for different reasons.

‘Nicole’: “I had someplace to go and I didn’t have a way there. Sometimes I even sell a car, like get a car just to get money.”

She says being a girl works in her favor.

‘Nicole’: “They wouldn’t probably expect a younger aged female to be out here carjacking.”

Sargent: “What kind of weapons do you use when you commit a carjacking?”

‘Nicole’: “A knife.”

Nicole, who has been arrested before is now back to carjacking after her short stay in juvenile detention.

Sargent: “Is this something that you still are doing?”

‘Nicole’: “Yes.”

“In my mind, there is no child that is irredeemable,” says Tyrone Muhammad.

He spent 21 years in prison for murder. And, before that as a teen, he said “I did the drive-by. I did the carjacking,” Muhammad said.

He now runs a mentoring group called Ex-Cons for Community & Social Change (ECCSC) to prevent teens from landing behind bars, using his own life as a cautionary tale. Does mentoring work?

“If you don’t replace their activity with something constructive., where they can see themselves making a living, then you’ll never fix this problem,” Muhammad said.

And there’s a lot of work to be done.

CBS2 has till now tracked 1,203 carjackings in 2021, as compared to last year’s number of 1,414.

These two years have witnessed more carjackings than the previous three years. Almost every neighborhood has faced the incident.

The Five Hardest-hit Communities So Far This Year:

Austin, 93

Garfield Park, 75

North Lawndale, 75

Humboldt Park, 47

South Shore, 44

‘Nicole’ often targets the Loop where there have been 11 carjackings this year. That’s two more than last year.

Sargent: “What about that area makes it a prime spot?”

‘Nicole’ says it’s all about how people act, “They will think that it’s like safer for them…like they don’t have to worry about nobody running upon them.”

Sargent: “Have you ever hurt someone?”

‘Nicole’: ”No. No. It hasn’t got that far.”

 It can quickly amplify although, she admits

Sargent: “People are losing their lives because of this. People are paralyzed because of this. Do you think of the victims?”

‘Nicole’: “I want to say yeah. But like at that moment you might not be thinking.”

With the increased carjackings over the past two years, could remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic be partially to blame?

‘Nicole’ says, “I would sometimes go to school and sometimes I won’t. If I’m feeling it or not.”

She adds, “If I was like doing the in-person school, then it would be less of me like thinking to go carjack somebody.”

‘David’ says he also didn’t take remote learning “…that serious.” He says he was “bored.” And, had more time on his hands to commit a carjacking.

And, recently released first-day attendance numbers from Chicago Public Schools back up what ‘Nicole’ and ‘David’ said.

For the 2020-2021 school year, first-day attendance was 84%. Last year, CPS started the school year remote learning. First-day attendance numbers dropped 10% drop from previous years.

‘Chris’, 19 Years Old

 ‘Chris’, now 19, committed his first carjacking at 15. His sights were set on areas like the north side and “Neighborhoods that have low crime rate but like wealthy people,” he said.

He also tracks the police, looking for gaps in service, “Which area is the slowest on police cars coming around.”

Chris said he has carjacked drivers just to ride around the city. But there’s another deadly reason. What he calls hot cars are often used in drive-by shootings.

Sargent: “Has there been a time when you used a hot car for retaliation with an enemy or gang-related?”

‘Chris’: “That’s a touchy topic. I have been in a situation where a hot car was involved.”

Chris said he recently stopped carjacking. His mother discovered what he was doing and kicked him out. He also became a father.

“She told me to get yourself together and you’ll be able to be here for your son. That’s what really changed me,” he said.

Teens Recall Their Past 

‘Nicole’ and ‘David’ said their families were unfortunate examples.

“Seeing my brothers go in and out of jail for this type of stuff,” said ‘Nicole’.

“I got family members that are also doing the same thing,” said ‘David’. He says that played a role in his carjacking.

Muhammad tries to change teens’ paths by getting them jobs at construction sites, partnering with local businesses, pastors, and legislators. But is that enough to make kids like ‘David’ and ‘Nicole’ successful?

“Absolutely not. Not without the right mentors being positioned. ‘Cuz the moment those young people are interrupted by feelings, anger, frustration with the life they’ll go back to what they know,” said Muhammad.

While David’ and ‘Nicole’ haven’t reached a point where they want to stop carjacking, they still talk of big dreams.

‘Nicole’ wants to be a doctor. “Working in UIC Hospital or something. Taking care of people or saving lives,” she said. What does she say to people who are skeptical? How would she show them she wants to change? “Graduate high school and go to college,” she said.

‘David’ wants to own his own car dealership and feels he can accomplish that.

Reverend Robin Hood knows stories of kids like these well. He mentors teen carjackers and often partners with Muhammad.

“They’re not mature enough to see the whole picture like we would love for them to do. They don’t see they can kill somebody. They don’t see, they can go to jail the rest of their life,” said Rev. Hood.

But, at this point, many don’t agree with that. They want them locked up and they won’t have sympathy for even the youngest children when they come with such a serious threat.

‘David’: “See, I won’t shoot them. If they fight back, I like, drag them out of the car and get in extra fast.”

Sargent: It’s just having that thrill again that’s what would make you do it again?

‘David’: “Yeah.”

CBS2 is yet to probe the crime in the coming weeks and find ways to prevent carjackings by teenagers like ‘David’, ‘Nicole’ and ‘Chris’.


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