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Mr. David Michael Solomon (born around 1962) is the CEO of Goldman Sachs and has been in that post since October of last year. Since January 2019, he has also served as the bank’s chairman. From January 2017 until September 2018, Solomon served as president and COO, and from July 2006 to December 2016, he served as joint head of the investment banking business. Solomon took over as CEO of the company on October 1, 2018, when Lloyd Blankfein announced his retirement.

Previously known as DJ D-Sol, Solomon now goes by the stage name “David Solomon” (formerly DJ D-Sol [nb 1]). He’s played at New York City clubs and music festivals as well as in Miami and the Bahamas, among other places.

Infancy And Formative Years

David Michael Solomon was born in Hartsdale, New York, around the year 1962. There were two of them in the Solomon household: an executive vice president of a small publishing business named Alan Solomon and an audiology supervisor named Sandra Solomon. Scarsdale, New York, is where he grew up, and it was there that he attended Edgemont Junior-Senior High School and worked at a local Baskin Robbins before moving to New Hampshire to serve as a camp counselor.

He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.  When he was in college, he served as the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity’s president and was a member of the rugby squad.  While still in college, he applied to Goldman Sachs for a two-year analyst position. He was rejected, so he applied for the “graduate school of the bank,” Irving Trust.

David Solomon
David Solomon

David Solomon Career

Drexel Burnham hired him in 1986 after Irving Trust. He began his career in commercial paper sales at Drexel Burnham before moving on to trash bonds. Because of his experience with high-yield loans, he joined Bear Stearns. He was in charge of marketing high-risk bonds at Bear Stearns, where he was in command of the trash bonds section. A “complex bond transaction” was one time when he helped a Dallas, Texas, movie theatre firm raise money.

The Goldman Sachs Group

When he began working with several Goldman Sachs managers in the late 1990s, he was motivated to join the company in 1999 as a partner in their leveraged finance group. In the eyes of his peers, his departure from Bear Stearns was a “shocking” development.

During the decade that followed, he served as the head of Goldman Sachs’ investment banking division, a position he assumed in 2006. He wore a maroon jacket and sweatpants to secure the IPO of LuLulemon Athletica in July 2007, a sampling of the company’s clothes in order to “throw everyone off” in a suit-required meeting.

While in charge, he instituted “year-end compensation roundtables” in an attempt to “filter out under-performers” by questioning executives about their business operations. A year after his departure, the investment banking division had seen its profit margins double from 11% to 22%, and its sales had increased by 70%.

 A Drexel Burnham client, Sheldon Adelson, offered Solomon operational control of the Las Vegas Sands casinos in April 2014. It was decided that Solomon would not accept Adelson’s offer because Adelson “wasn’t willing to give up daily authority” or “wanted to be an understudy.”

He was paid a base salary of US$1.85 million and received an award of restricted shares worth about $10 million in January 2015, despite Goldman Sachs not reporting his complete income.

Solomon was promoted to president and co-chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs in December 2016 after Gary Cohn quit to become Donald Trump’s Chief Economic Advisor.

Students and future employees at Goldman Sachs should know how to write and speak professionally, understand accounting, and never lose sight of what you are passionate about.  For new workers, the bank has established video interviews, improved computer systems, and implemented a “real-time performance review” system under Solomon’s leadership.


David Solomon Networth

A $11.85 million compensation package was paid out to Solomon in the months of January 2017 and 2018. Solomon was projected to own 224,030 (0.059 percent) shares of Goldman Sachs Group (GS) in January 2018 valued at $58 million.

Solomon was awarded $27.5 million in compensation in March 2020. A total of $2 million in salary and a $7.65 million cash bonus made up this sum. A long-term incentive payment of $17.85 million was also made available to him on top of that.

When Goldman revealed that Schwartz, the company’s co-CEO and president, would be stepping down on March 12, 2018, Solomon was left to take his place.  Within a few hours of the announcement, media outlets both local and foreign had formally recognized Solomon as Lloyd Blankfein’s sole heir.

On February 21, 2018, Blankfein stated a desire and preference for Solomon to succeed him at a board meeting. In the past, Solomon has campaigned for a change in the culture of Goldman Sachs.

In the event that he is not actively engaged in concluding a deal, he showed an interest in lowering the maximum working hours from 90 to 70 to 75 hours per week. Prior to becoming the company’s president, he kept track of his subordinates’ hours worked and frequently intervened to dismiss them. One year ago on October 1, 2018, Solomon was elected to lead the company.

Because of Goldman’s admission in the 1MDB scandal, the bank was forced to pay nearly $3 billion in October 2020 to government officials in four countries so that an investigation into the work the bank did for 1MDB could be closed. In 2021, the bank announced it would cut Solomon’s pay in 2020 by 36%. Solomon was handed a $27.5 million remuneration package for 2019 and $17.5 million for 2020. David Solomon Music

A well-known DJ and producer of electronic dance music, Solomon goes by the stage name “David Solomon” (EDM). He’s performed in New York City clubs and at music festivals in Miami and the Bahamas, amongst other locales.

David Solomon has an Instagram account called “@davidsolomonmusic” where he posts about his work as a producer. He covered Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” in June of last year. Sirius XM’s BPM: Electronic Dance Music Hits first broadcast the song in January of last year.

In the “Happy Summer Beats” playlist on Spotify, which has 263,361 subscribers, “Don’t Stop” was included.A total of 8 million times have listened to his debut track on Spotify.  A few months following the publication of his debut album, Solomon started posting lengthier sets and concert performances on SoundCloud.

His most recent single, “Someone Like You,” reached number four on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in November of that year.

David Solomon
David Solomon


David Solomon Records for Payback

A joint venture between Solomon and Big Beat/Atlantic Records was formed in December 2018 under the name Payback Records. Each and every penny of the label’s revenue goes to helping people in need and fighting diseases like addiction and hunger. Payback Records is Solomon’s official home for all of his original recordings.

Payback and Heldeep Records collaborated to release “Break This Habit,” a song starring Kiko Bun and house DJ Oliver Heldens.


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