Does Eugene Die in Wednesday? Who is The Hyde in it?

Wednesday is now available for streaming on Netflix, so start snapping your fingers and making some popcorn! The teen drama follows the only eponymous figure of the well-known Addams Family as she enrols in Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for misfits. This time around, the iconic young woman is portrayed by Jenna Ortega (X, You, Scream), and she does a fantastic job. The new series, which has a TV-14 rating, is appropriate for the entire family, and I’ll admit that I thoroughly liked every episode.

Despite Wednesday’s reluctance to attend a new school, she finds out about a prophecy and quickly understands that Nevermore serves a deeper purpose for her. She thinks she is the only person who can solve the murder and attack cases at the school and in the nearby town of Jericho.

Does Eugene Die in Wednesday: What occurs at Wednesday’s end?

The only option left is to defeat her once Wednesday learns who the real Laurel Gates is, and Enid defeats Tyler. But it’s not that simple, especially once Laurel calls up Joseph Crackstone, a founding father, in ghost form. Despite the fact that they don’t technically appear to be on the same squad, Wednesday now has to defeat two opponents. When they get to Nevermore, Crackstone has his plans and leaves Laurel behind.

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Wednesday ends up beating Crackstone and Laurel with the aid of her classmates, including Bianca, Xavier, and Eugene, saving the day in the process. So, sure, she does eventually track down and slay the murderers!

When everything is said and done, Nevermore’s students are expelled for the remainder of the semester, and Wednesday has a sweet discussion with Xavier before departing. Even though their relationship is still merely a passing fling, Xavier gives Wednesday a phone, so they may text each other when they’re home.

Wednesday receives a text while being driven home by Lurch, but it’s not from Xavier. No, they’re keeping an eye on her, and this message comes from an unknown sender. They also give her a GIF that shows her getting hurt, along with pictures of her with Tyler and Xavier. In addition to mentioning her stalker, Wednesday expresses excitement for the next task.

Does Eugene Die in Wednesday

The second season of Wednesday is planned?

As we discover she has a stalker, Wednesday closes on a minor cliffhanger, leaving room for additional seasons of the show. Netflix has not yet revealed a Wednesday season 2, though. However, that is not highly alarming. Before choosing whether or not to renew the show, the streamer will probably need to examine the first season’s audience figures.

We might have to hold off on learning the show’s future for a while, as Wednesday only debuted today. If Netflix decides to renew Wednesday for a second season, watch and replay all eight episodes of the first season.

In Wednesday: Does Larissa Weems pass away?

Although Wednesday and Weems’ finding of who the actual Laurel is is a fantastic achievement, it ultimately results in death. When they confront Ms Thornhill, she injects Weems with nightshade poison, killing her. Nevermore is shut down for the rest of the semester by the finale, and it makes sense why. The absence of the headmistress adds to the violence and anguish the students experience.

Who is Laurel Gates in Wednesday?

Later on in the show, Wednesday is confronted with a significant mystery regarding Laurel Gates. As we discover that Morticia Addams murdered Garrett Gates, a student at Nevermore, back when she was a student at the school for outcasts, Wednesday begins to suspect that Garrett’s sister is lurking in plain sight. She later discovers that she was mistaken in thinking that Laurel was her psychiatrist, Dr. Valerie Kinbott.

Because Wednesday notices Xavier confiding in Dr Kinbott, she falsely believes that her psychiatrist is assisting the Hyde assault victims. Dr. Kinbott is ultimately killed by Hyde, leaving Wednesday with more questions than answers. Together with the headmistress Larissa Weems, she begins to mistrust Ms. Thornhill after realising that Tyler is Hyde and not Xavier. They’re correct, too! The actual Laurel Gates is Ms. Thornhill.

Who is The Hyde in Wednesday?

Even though Wednesday is certain that Xavier, a classmate, is the Hyde, she learns in the penultimate episode that Tyler was the Hyde all along! Additionally, the timing is quite poor. Wednesday experiences a vision that reveals the truth to her during their first kiss.

Even though Tyler first denies it, the fact is revealed in the conclusion when we see him turn into the monster. Wednesday’s werewolf roommate Enid luckily intervenes just in time to fight off Tyler as he attacks her in the woods and nearly kills her. As we see at the very end of the episode, Tyler sustains some very serious injuries yet survives.

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