Elizabeth Debicki Boyfriend: She Makes a Rare Public Appearance With New Lover

On Tuesday night, Elizabeth Debicki attended the season five premiere of the Netflix drama The Crown with her very own Prince Charming. The actress, who plays Diana, Princess of Wales during her tumultuous final years, exited the red carpet premiere at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane with her new beau, Kristian Rasmussen. After going out together on Monday, the couple was making their first red carpet appearance and their second in as many days. Debicki, 32, entered the back of a waiting cab with her lover after attending an after-show party while wearing a sophisticated black evening gown.

Kristian Rasmussen, who oddly resembles Matt Smith’s Prince Phillip from The Crown, followed her into the back seat looking sharp in a black tuxedo and matching dress shirt. The day before, Debicki and her new lover were seen smiling together as they had an embrace and a kiss while out shopping in London hand in hand. Tom Hiddleston, Debicki’s co-star in The Night Manager, was previously rumoured to be dating her, but no relationship was ever established.

She will make her acting debut on Wednesday night as the late Princess of Wales as The Crown continues to face criticism for choosing to dramatise traumatic events from Diana’s final years, including her infamous 1995 interview with Martin Bashir and the Paris car crash that led to her premature death in 1997.


In a recent interview with British Vogue, she discussed how she was “overwhelmed” by the idea of playing the role and thought back on acting out her “revenge dress” sequences.

The concept of this kind of community of Diana worshippers out there initially overwhelmed her, she admitted to the magazine. Right, it’s a trap, a bog-filled marsh. So I would declare, “I cannot do this,” while standing over the kitchen sink.

She also talked about donning Diana’s famous black “revenge dress,” which she felt was “very risqué” at the time. She ascribed it to pressure. It’s an intricate dress. While considering what the dress represented, I stood back and watched the fittings. Why is this dress? For two or three years, she had it. At the time, it was extremely risqué.

She was taking over the area. She was so forward-thinking and quick as the car door opened as she stepped out, radiating strength and radiance. To witness it is extraordinary.

Elizabeth Debicki Boyfriend

It was a currency to choose what you’re saying about yourself through your appearance. an extremely potent medium of exchange. The Crown’s fifth season has drawn criticism for being “trolling on a Hollywood scale,” which has sparked a backlash against the Netflix programme and its “insensitive” portrayal of the Royal Family in the 1990s.

The Crown, a hit for Netflix since its initial release in 2016, was produced and written by Peter Morgan. The major characters have been frequently recast to correspond with the age of the royals in each chronology.

Despite criticism for sensationalising events and inserting fictionalised moments, the show’s fan base is more enthusiastic than ever, with viewers eagerly down the days until the premiere.

The whole cast of The Crown has been recast to cover the 13-year period from 1990 to 2003, as the first two seasons of the show covered the three decades prior to the Nineties.

The new series will highlight a variety of low times for the royals, with a focus on the rupture between Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth, and King Charles (then Prince of Wales), played by Dominic.


The Crown’s fifth season will be available on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9, at 8 a.m. GMT.Like the previous four seasons, this one will have 10 episodes, all of which will be released simultaneously on the streaming service.

Queen Victoria Syndrome, The System, Mou Mou, Annus Horribilis, The Way Ahead, Ipatiev House, No Woman’s Land, Gunpowder, COUPLE 31, and Decommissioned are the names of the episodes from season five.

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