Emojipedia Unveils New Emoji, Shaking Face, Plain Pink Heart And More

Three pushing hands, a shaking face, and a simple pink heart. Just a few of the emojis up for approval in September are these. For each potential emoji, Emojipedia has produced sample designs in advance of World Emoji Day. While some ideas might not be chosen, the majority of those submitted for consideration have historical support.

Along with Shaking Face and Pink Heart, the Emoji 15.0 draught list also includes Light Blue Heart, Grey Heart, Donkey, Jellyfish, Hair Pick, and a Khanda, which is the Sikh faith’s emblem. Emojipedia’s Head of Emoji Design Joshua Jones designed the Emojipedia Sample Images, which are simply one possible appearance for these emojis. In advance of their formal release on emoji keyboards, we have been offering sample emoji designs for eight years.

Actual vendor designs will differ from those made public by prominent vendors, and when Emoji 15.0 final is made available, it’s possible that Emojipedia’s own sample images will also be altered. Each emoji on this draught list is also open to change before receiving final approval in September 2022 because it is merely a draught. The bulk of draught candidates for emoji have, over the years, been added to the official list; this includes every emoji we previewed from the Emoji 14.0 draught list in advance of World Emoji Day in 2021.

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Which of the draught Emoji 15.0 emojis are you most looking forward to, keeping in mind the sample designs shown above? As part of the 2022 World Emoji Awards, you can cast your vote for your favourite in the Most Anticipated Emoji category. This is just a fun approach to find out which draught emojis people are most interested in using; it has nothing to do with the approval process. Vote now, and before World Emoji Day the winner will be announced! In relation to World Emoji Day, in case you haven’t heard about it in the past few days:

We have demonstrated that emoji usage worldwide is at an all-time high. We worked with WhatsApp to explain the significance behind certain well-known emoji trends as they expanded their emoji reaction tool. German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese language support has been added to Emojipedia.
You can read the Unicode 15.0 draught release notes and the Emoji 15.0 beta page for more details regarding the Emoji 15.0 draught list. The latter contains suggestion documents and keyword lists. However, we do have some of our own observations.

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