Endeavour Season 9 Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

Here we are talking about Endeavour season 9, the eighth season of the ITV detective programme Endeavour premiered earlier this year, bringing back Morse and Thursday for yet another round of investigation. Inspector Morse’s eighth episode debuted in 1971 in Oxford.

At the start of the three-part season, Morse is still processing the devastating events from season seven (you can read our full explainer piece here). There isn’t much time left before CID is confronted with another major case, though.

A tiny bomb detonates in an Oxford college during the first episode of season eight of Endeavour, titled Striker, killing a professor’s assistant. Additionally, the stress increased in the season finale, as Morse was essentially removed from a crucial investigation.


Will there be an Endeavour Season 9?

Yes, ITV has officially announced Endeavour season 9. The conclusion of the series, which was jointly decided upon by Mammoth Screen, scriptwriter Russell Lewis, Shaun Evans, and Roger Allam, will take place during the ninth season.

“Endeavour has been a real labour of love for all of us,” said executive producer Damien Timmer on behalf of the show’s creators, Mammoth Screen. “We commend Russell Lewis for his incredible achievement in charting Endeavour Morse’s coming of age across 72 hours of television.”

Endeavour Season 9

The story will soon come to a close on Remorseful Day, as Russell always intended. We’d like to extend our gratitude to Shaun and Roger, the rest of the Endeavour family—both on and off screen—as well as the show’s viewers in the UK and throughout the world.

“Russell has several surprises in store for the final three movies, with the reappearance of some familiar people and new obstacles for Endeavour and Thursday to overcome before the final goodbye!”

Release Date Of Endeavour Season 9

Most likely, Endeavour season 9 will premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. Since the show is still in production, it will probably take at least a few months to finish the episodes of the ninth and final run, which is presently filming in Oxford. Therefore, Morse admirers still have time to get ready to say farewell.

Who Appears in the Endeavour Season 9 Cast?

For Endeavour season 9, the following cast members have been announced.

  • Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse
  • Roger Allam as Fred Thursday

Our two main characters, Shaun Evans as Endeavour and Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, should be back. We also anticipate the return of several supporting players from the Endeavour cast, including Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers), Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright (Anton Lesser), Detective Sergeant Jim Strange (Sean Rigby), and Journalist Dorothea Frazil (Abigail Thaw).


Endeavour Season 9 Trailer

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