Florida Orange County Deputy Recuses Baby From An Apartment Fire In Orlando


The dramatic scene was filmed on the deputy’s body camera when he scaled the outside of an apartment building to save a one-year-old daughter from a fire early Saturday, officials said.

The baby and her mother were attempting to flee after a fire broke out at the Isles at East Millenia complex, according to a news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
According to the press release, deputies arrived at the site shortly before 4:15 a.m. and discovered the mother and infant on a third-floor balcony with flames emanating from the apartment.

According to the footage, Deputy William Puzynski climbed to the second-floor balcony, snatched the infant from her mother, and lowered her to other deputies below.

“Just before climbing up the building, Deputy Puzynski took off his heavy outer ballistic vest – which his camera is attached to – to make it easier for him to climb. It’s an amazing twist of fate that the camera was able to capture what happened next,” the release said.
“When I arrived, the building was completely consumed. It was commotion all over the place “WKMG, a CNN station, quoted Puzynski as saying. Puzynsk was helped down after passing the kid over to his companions, he told the news source.
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“Afterwards when the mom came and found me, she actually gave me a hug, so it was rewarding,” he said. “It’s a different feeling. Some nights you go home, and you don’t really know if you’ve made a difference, but in situations like this you feel it.”

Orange County Fire Rescue came on the scene as Puzynski was saving the baby. Seven more persons were claimed to be trapped inside the structure by firefighters. OCFR Battaltion Chief Steve Sherrill said, “They threw ladders to the building and they were able to get everybody safely.”

The fire took nearly an hour to put out from the moment firefighters received the call. Crews remained on the scene for several hours afterward, keeping an eye on the building for any flare-ups. According to OCFR, 12 units were affected, and the building’s power was turned off, causing all 24 occupants to evacuate. The Red Cross and the apartment management are assisting evacuated residents in finding temporary housing.

Three individuals were injured in the fire, according to Orange County officials, and a kid was among those injured, according to the Red Cross. Two firefighters were hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. According to the OCFR, the fire appears to have begun on the first level, and the reason is unknown. The State Fire Marshal is looking into it.

“Depending on the magnitude of the damage or if there is a suspicion of unlawful behavior, the State Fire Marshal is dispatched.” That is still being investigated, according to OCFR Battalion Chief Chris Henesy. Puzyknski, for one, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to assist.

“It’s a unique sensation.” “Some nights you go home not knowing if you’ve made a difference, but in moments like today, you can feel it,” he said.


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