At The Marc Jacobs Show, Gigi And Bella Hadid Walked The Runway With Half-Shaved Hairstyles!

Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid revealed striking new looks on Monday, storming the New York runway with bleached eyebrows, short bangs, and what seemed to be half-shaved heads. But it quickly became clear that the twins’ startling makeover was the product of prosthetics experts, who had changed their appearance with the aid of bald caps, wigs, and cosmetics.

The cutting-edge design was a part of Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2022 presentation, which saw the designer’s name-brand debut over 40 new looks at the New York Public Library, a Beaux-Arts structure on Fifth Avenue. Bella was wearing a black vinyl dress with opera gloves, while Gigi was wearing a huge pink sweater and a grey skirt.

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Models appeared in other vividly colored, monochromatic outfits throughout the presentation, including oversized knitwear, enormous ruffled gowns, and dramatic platform boots. The Hadids were among the models sporting striking hairdos as they walked the runway; other models were spotted with angular bobs and futuristic bangs.

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Bella shared several backstage images and a time-lapse video of makeup and prosthetic professionals creating her look on Instagram. Online, the pictures elicited a range of responses, with some social media users expressing fear that the model had indeed shaved her head. Elizaveta Porodina, a fashion photographer, responded to Bella’s image by stating that she was “absolutely heavenly,” and activist and writer Noor Tagouri added: “The metamorphosis is incredible.”

Diane Kendal, a makeup artist for Marc Jacobs, and Duffy, a hairstylist, were in charge of the striking styling. Noel Jacoboni, one of the special effects designers behind the Hadids’ appearances, posted on Instagram that working on the show had been “surreal.”

Bella Hadid, a supermodel, regrets getting plastic surgery. She wrote on Instagram, “Today was the perfect combo of my skill to make a bald cap and working with one of my favourite designers with some of the greatest models in the industry.

A year has passed since Jacobs last held a runway show in the same location, which was livestreamed on LED screens in Times Square, New York. The American designer’s enigmatic exhibition notes began with the declaration that “creativity is vital life” and concluded with the words of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “We have art in order not to die of the truth.”

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