How Many Personalities Does Deku Possess?

In the My Hero Academia manga, once the previous carriers of One For All show up in Deku’s dreams, he gets a great discovery, recognizing that his inherent Quirk comes with both burden and benefits. In addition to the second user, he realizes that he can reveal the Quirks that were previously attributed to his forebears.

By defying all of the anime combat conventions that have previously limited him, Deku gradually learns to employ them, and he comes up with ingenious new methods that combine different percentages of One For All with his other abilities. On the other hand, Deku’s ability to use his newfound Quirks depends heavily on how helpful they are in a given situation.

My Hero Academia has been able to consistently surprise the audience with its twists and turns on superheroes’ tropes by flipping the script over and over again. Since this season, various questions and hypotheses about Izuku Midoriya’s One For All genetic quirk have surfaced, including which oddities Deku possesses, among others.

Deku’s Different Personalities!

In the novel’s setting, One For All is a force of nature that is far more powerful than anyone could have imagined. Deku, All Might, and their forebears have never been able to fully comprehend the Quirk. However, all they know is that One For All is alive in every sense of the word and that it has the potential to think logically as well.


To fly in the sky, one must have a basic Quirk called Float. All Might’s personal trainer Nana Shimura used to own it. Since she was still alive, it’s not obvious how she combined this with One for All. As opposed to those two characters, Deku has in fact been making use of this for quite some time. In an attempt to save his friends from Tomura Shigaraki’s Decay, he accidentally triggers Float a second time while fighting the villain.


Having Hikage Shinomori’s Danger Sense may be the most useful skill a Pro Hero can have, as it informs the bearer to any incoming possible attacks within a short distance. As with Spider-infamous Man’s Spider-Sense, this Quirk detects “bad thoughts” by studying the people in the bearer’s immediate vicinity.

Fa Jin

All For One and one of his Nomu have spring-like body parts and Absorbing & Releasing quirks that are startlingly similar to Fa Jin’s, the yet-unnamed third bearer. Large amounts of potential energy are generated, and this energy is then maintained in the muscles of the recipient by normal bodily movements.

Whip in black color

Deku’s first Quirk after One For All is Daigoro Banjo’s Blackwhip, which allows him to sprout black vein-like tendrils through his skin. When making many at the same time, each tendril is likely to serve a separate function. Deku uses Tomura Shigaraki’s mental condition to his advantage when using this Quirk to his advantage.


He was born with the “Smokescreen Quirk,” making him the sixth owner of One For All. The heavy smoke that emanates from the skin as a result of this feature can be used as a disguise. Aside from the fact that Deku’s mist is so thick that it obscures his vision, this is an incredible skill.

Hero Academia: The Story of a New Generation

This imaginary universe of My Hero Academia is populated by humans who can develop superpowers known as “Quirks,” which often appear in children under the age of four and affect an estimated 80% to 90% of the world’s population. There are an endless number of Quirks, and it is highly rare to find two people with nearly the same ability unless they are related. Quirk-enhanced individuals, a few of whom become Superheroes, assist law enforcement on rescue missions and apprehend outlaws who abuse their powers, commonly known as Villains.

Those superheroes who excel in their careers are referred to as “Pro Heroes,” and they are considered superstars.

Midoriya, a young man who dreams of being a hero while being bullied by his violent childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo because he lacks a Quirk, is the protagonist of the novel. All Might, one of the world’s greatest heroes, is adored by both of these young people, and Izuku was one of the few people to learn of All Might’s serious injuries.

All Might has gone into hiding to keep his spirits up. He reveals the origin of his Quirk “One For All” to Izuku after seeing his bravery in the face of a calamity. All For One, an enemy of the “One For All” users, prepares his student Tomura Shigaraki to destroy the present civilization and its superheroes while Izuku begins his journey to becoming a hero at U.A. High School.

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My Hero Academia: Where to Stream It?

This popular show is available on a variety of platforms because of its popularity. Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation all carry each season of My Hero Academia.

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Final Lines

The trailer can be seen on YouTube as well, giving fans a first look at the much-anticipated series. Anyone who has never seen the show before but does so after seeing it will almost certainly become a fan.



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