Lake County Will Host an All-girl Wrestling Camp

CA’s LAKE COUNTY — Do you know which sport is gaining popularity most quickly here in America? Women’s wrestling is indeed taking place in Lake County, as you correctly predicted. Between October 24 and 28, Clearlake will host an all-girls wrestling camp that will feature one of Lake County’s most accomplished athletes.

The camp is being conducted by Upper Lake resident Adriana Lopez, and it is a fantastic opportunity for the local girls. Lopez is Lake County’s first state champion in any individual sport. She is supporting her neighborhood by leading the camp for only girls. In addition to doing what she loves, Lopez expressed her joy and excitement at the opportunity to give back to her community.

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Lopez resumed her wrestling career at Campbellsville University in Kentucky after graduating from high school. At 123 pounds, she was the Mid-South Conference Champion, Freshman of the Year, and First Team All-Mid-South Conference at that time. Lopez will return to Lake County with a wealth of experience and understanding.

Coach Peter Stephan, the head of the Gladiator Wrestling Club, said: “We are really lucky to have Adriana on board to lead this camp for our community.” “As a wrestling community, we’re working to transform the sport’s perception and elevate Lake County wrestling to a national stage.”

Gladiator Wrestling met with the Lake County Sheriff’s Activity League, and as a result, the idea for the all-girls camp was born. The SAL Board met with Coach Peter and Dr. Wayne Ogata to consider providing free opportunities for children in the Clearlake Area.

There are numerous events planned, with the introduction of this all-girls wrestling camp to Clearlake being the first. The Lake County Sheriff’s Activities League’s mission is to expose Lake County youngsters to a variety of healthy recreational activities. Lake County Sheriff’s Activities Facebook page for additional information about the Lake County Sheriff’s Activities League.

The camp will be held at Burns Valley Elementary in Clearlake on Monday, October 24, and Friday, October 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. More than 50 girls from all around the county, from kindergarten to high school, are anticipated at the camp. Barbecue By Biasotti, Next Home Yvette Sloan, and LAM Printing, local businesses in Lake County, are all contributing to the success of this camp.

All of the camp’s female campers will also have a special meal from Tim Biasotti of Barbecue by Biasotti. “I’m thrilled to contribute to the costs of feeding and providing a free camp for the county’s female youngsters.”

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