Lake Health District Enhances Safety Precautions

For the benefit of our patients, employees, and visitors, Lake Health District established its physical security department in July 2019.

The Lake Health District has committed to maintaining and improving that security presence as part of its mission to provide the finest care for its patients and the community.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved Lake Health District’s application for a grant in May of this year to support the safety and security of essential infrastructure components.

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Since then, Lake Health District has been informed that the grant cash has been authorised. In addition to completing the acquisition of lighting systems for our northern parking lot and the Lakeview Gardens administrative building, Lake Health District will use these grant funds to purchase and install closed-circuit television monitoring systems to improve the system already in place throughout the Lake District Hospital campus.

Lake Health District will buy new communications equipment as part of the same funding allocation to offer reliable communications redundancy, resilience, and interoperability.

In the case of an emergency, these technologies will provide clear, concise communication between us, Lakeview, Lake County, and State Emergency Management partners. Lake Health EMS and security will primarily use them.

Lake Health District Enhances Safety Precautions

As required by Oregon House Bill 2527, effective July 27, 2021, any entity that employs private security providers, contracts with or subcontracts with an existing licenced private security entity to provide personal security services must “Demonstrate the existence of use of force and citizen arrest policies, unless the private security entity exclusively monitors alarm systems,” according to the Lake Health District.

Within the confines of the Lake District Hospital campus, Lake Health District has created regulations that, if and when appropriate, permit the use of physical force to discourage acts of violence against patients, visitors, employees, and community members.

Security professionals are authorised to use lethal force against angry and hostile people to protect themselves or others. Similarly, we can place people under citizen’s arrest if necessary, just like any other citizen of our state or nation.

Individual security officers are responsible for deciding to arrest a citizen; the Lake District Hospital, Lake Health District, or any of its officers, managers, or Board of Directors are not.

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Our community’s safety and security while under our care are of the utmost importance to Lake Health District. We will continue working to keep Lake District Hospital and all related locations as secure as possible for the general public.

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