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Lake Minneola High Student Takes Life At Bus Loop

Lake Minneola High Student Takes Life At Bus Loop

Minneola Florida —

The message this morning while at the table having breakfast with my son was this –

“Good morning this is Lake County Schools. I’m calling with very sad and tragic news. A Lake Minneola High School Student took his life this morning in the bus loop of what appears to be a self inflicted gun shot wound. There is no additional threat to students at Lake Minneola or any other schools. Law enforcement officers are on the scene at Lake Minneola High School and a crisis team with grief counselors is being dispatched to the school. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.”

Sitting there at the table with my son and hearing this was tragic and unsettling. I wish there was a way they could preface messages like this so I would know to turn them down before having a child hear them.

I know everyone wants to be informed of breaking news from their schools. My son was afraid to leave the house and having to explain something like this first thing in the morning with just enough time to get ready is a chore in itself.

I pray for this young man, his family, friends and all children around the world. I pray they are empowered by their parents to always ask for help and never be afraid to ask for fear of not being listened to.

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