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Leesburg Florida Bikefest 2017 Underway

leesburg fl bikefest

About 300,000 bikers are riding into Lake County this weekend for the 21st annual Leesburg Bikefest.

  • Leesburg Bikefest this weekend
  • 30 blocks of events for bike fans
  • Special stops for LakeXpress

Thirty blocks are now only open to motorcycles and pedestrians for the three-day event.

Rico Urso comes to Bikefest every year, but this year he brought his 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide with him.

“I did it in honor of my Dad,” he said. “My Dad did a lot for us, everything he could give us, he gave us.”

Urso, an electrician, finished the bike in 2 and a half years.

“I never knew how to fiberglass. I did it over and over and over again,” he said.

He also installed hydraulics and a $7,000 sound system.

Some local business owners says they depend on this weekend to get though the slower months.

“We’ve got ladies that come in and enjoy the wine and the festivities. They’ve got their own bikes, they’re not necessarily riding behind a guy, they’ve got their own bikes,” said Joyce Huey owner of the 2 Old Hags Wine Shop.

LakeXpress is offering 160 special stops during Leesburg Bikefest. A map and schedule of these shuttles is available online at www.ridelakexpress.com.

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