Man Dies After Being Sucked Into Pool Sinkhole

JERICHO — A day after a guest at a party at their villa died after being sucked into a sinkhole that opened at the bottom of their swimming pool, Israeli police said Friday that they had placed a couple under house arrest. According to investigators, the couple, who are both in their 60s, is suspected of causing a fatality via negligence. After their Thursday night detention, a judge ordered their Friday release under “restrictive conditions of house arrest” for five days.

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The event took place at a private party the couple gave at their home in Karmi Yosef, a village located 25 miles southeast of Tel Aviv. In a video captured on a cell phone, individuals along the poolside can be heard shouting in Hebrew as floaties and water are pulled to the bottom of the pool’s centre. When a man approaches the sinkhole, he slips and comes dangerously close to being pulled in before backing away.

The 30-year-old victim was reportedly discovered after a search expedition in which Israeli police, emergency personnel, and the army participated, according to the police. Israeli media said that the party was attended by close to 50 people, six of whom were in the pool, and that the homeowner had constructed the pool without the necessary permits.

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