Cape Coral Are Investigating a Possible Swatting Incident at Mariner High School

A probable swatting call prompted police activity at Mariner High School on Thursday afternoon, but authorities have now given the all-clear. After a brief lockdown, the school will resume its regular dismissal procedures for children. Lockdown was also implemented at Mariner Middle as a safety measure.

The school district said that the swatting call would cause the buses to be late. Due to increased traffic, the school district is also requesting that people stay away from the area. The school, which is situated at 701 Chiquita Boulevard North, educates pupils from North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the surrounding Pine Island municipalities.

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Anthony Sizemore, the police chief in Cape Coral, reported that at 1:08 p.m., the police received a call informing them of a high school shooting in which six students had been shot. The school was immediately placed on lockdown by the two school resource officers who arrived on the scene, according to Sizemore. They looked for victims and the shooter but came up empty-handed.

According to Sizemore, Cape Coral police officers heard it over the radio and were at the school in under two minutes. Sizemore referred to the slow response at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, as “no debating to determine who’s in power.” “Not here,” was the response. After then, students were moved outside of the building so that police could examine it more “detailedly.” Nothing was discovered by them.

After the epidemic and Hurricane Ian, according to Sizemore, the community doesn’t have time for this. According to Sizemore, no one has been arrested. He claimed that although the voice on the phone seemed to be male, voice-altering software may have been employed. Sizemore added that swatting episodes are extremely upsetting for the students involved and that if people could see the toll they were having on the youngsters, they would stop.

At this point, there are no injuries, and the incident is being investigated as a potential “swatting call.” Swatting is the practice of making a fictitious call to the police in an effort to attract a sizable police presence. South Fort Myers High School experienced a similar event in September. Children are safe and will return to their classes, according to Cape Coral police, and dismissal will proceed as usual.

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