Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Face

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Face: From 2004 Vs. 2022 (Before And After)

We may believe to ourselves, “That individual is very attractive.” In a recent interview, Megan Fox, 35, stated, “Their lives must be so easy.’ They most certainly don’t feel that way about themselves.” She went on to say that she was speaking about herself, and this isn’t the first time the actress has admitted to having issues. In 2010, she said, “I’m really confident in how I project my personality.”

“However, I’m absolutely, hysterically insecure about how I appear.” She was at the pinnacle of her celebrity at the time, thanks to a starring part in Transformers, nonstop red carpet appearances, and journalists following her every move. She was wrongfully “canceled” when she dared to speak out about sexism in Hollywood, which contributed to her terrible self-image. She soon pulled away from the spotlight.

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Megan is making a comeback on her own terms after putting her career on hold for nearly a decade. You’ve definitely noticed that she looks a little different (actually, a lot different!) this time around. So, let’s take a look at how things have changed since 2003.

At The 2012 Los Angeles Premiere Of ‘This Is 40’

Megan gave birth to her first of three children in 2012, and only two months later, she was back on the red carpet. She doesn’t look sleep-deprived like a typical new mom—in fact, she looks more attractive than ever. Her hair is thick and lustrous, and her skin is luminous and wrinkle-free.

At The 2013 Golden Globes

A month later, she went out again, but after that, her public outings became few and far between. This is my favorite of all of her numerous styles over the years since it’s the most natural. Her upper lip is larger than her lower one, which is the only sign of cosmetic work.

At The Ferrari 60th Anniversary In USA Gala

Megan attended one more function after welcoming her second child before taking a long break to focus on parenthood. She was 28 at the time, and her hair was returning to the same black that she had as a teen. Her face looks paler than ever now that she’s stopped tanning.

Return To The Spotlight In 2021-2022

During her hiatus from performing, Megan updated her Instagram account on a regular basis. Fans began to notice a change in her appearance only after she and Machine Gun Kelly made their relationship public. Her lips and brows have suddenly doubled in size, and her skin has been filtered to appear smoother than ever.

By the end of the year, it was evident that she and the Kardashians had similar style preferences. She was even seen visiting Dr. Jason Diamond, a plastic surgeon who has worked with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. It’s no surprise that at first glance, I mistook her for Kim, who has blonde hair.

At The 2022 Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards

That gets us to 2022, and I’d have no reason to suspect you if you told me this was Kim Kardashian using blue contact lenses! Even though they didn’t start off looking anything alike, the likeness is remarkable. It merely goes to highlight how cosmetic procedures have resulted in “a singular, cyborgian look,” as one writer put it.

Megan Fox In 2004 VS Megan Fox In 2022

Megan Fox In 2004 VS Megan Fox In 2022
Megan Fox In 2004 VS Megan Fox In 2022

Megan first addressed the rumors that she was toying with injections—or had even gone under the knife—more than a decade ago. “For those who doubt the legitimacy of my lips, you can clearly see that my lips are my lips,” she stated in 2010, pointing to a photo of herself when she was a teenager. She appeared to be under anti-plastic surgery as well.

“I would recommend someone to first meet with a therapist to attempt to understand where this desire originates from, since it’s often not related to your teeth, nose, or chin—surgery would not cure that insecurity for you.” Then, in 2011, she made headlines when she posted images of herself on Facebook with a wrinkled brow as proof that she hadn’t had Botox.

But fast forward to 2022, and if her new look is any clue, she’s no longer opposed to cosmetic treatments.

So, What Exactly Did She Do, According To The Experts?

“Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) has changed her eyes,” explains Dr. Tim Sayed. “Botox looks to have been used on her forehead and crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes.” Megan has most likely had Juvederm or Restylane lip fillers, as well as fillers in the apples of her cheeks, to give her a plumper appearance. With corrective refinement to the tip and a narrower bridge of the nose, her nose exhibits traces of rhinoplasty.”

“In this earlier shot, she has an inverted V deformity, which implies she’s definitely had a previous rhinoplasty,” explains Dr. Daniel Barrett. “Now that you can’t see it, it was most likely corrected with filler or a revision rhinoplasty.” I also believe it was rhinoplasty because she now has alar rim retraction, which she didn’t have before.”

Dr. Charles S. Lee says, “Looking at her teeth, I believe she’s had a procedure to address her gummy grin, whether it’s Botox, lip lengthening, or gum surgery.” “Her nose appears to be narrower to me, and there appears to be less spacing between the brow and the eyelashes on her eyelids, suggesting she’s had some tissue removed.” There’s also a small amount of hollowing, which is normal after surgery. She’s had Botox on her forehead, fillers in her cheeks and jawline, and fillers in her lips.”

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