President Biden Thinks There Is A “Clear Evidence” That Putin Is Considering Using Chemical Weapons In Ukraine

There is “clear evidence” that Vladimir Putin is planning to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, according to Joe Biden. Putin’s “back is against the wall” in the face of robust Ukrainian resistance, according to Trump, and the Russian leader is now resorting to “false flag” assaults as a justification to employ forbidden weaponry. As the crisis in Ukraine drags on, Mr. Biden warned that Russia may be ready to conduct cyberattacks against crucial infrastructure. “Putin’s back is against the wall,” he said late Monday to American business executives. “He didn’t realize the breadth and depth of our cooperation. And the more he has his back against the wall, the more severe his tactics will be.

“Now he’s talking about new false flags he’s putting together, like claiming that we, in America, have biological and chemical weapons in Europe – which is simply not true.” “They’re also implying that Ukraine possesses biological and chemical weapons.” That’s a strong indication he’s thinking about using both of them. “He has previously utilized chemical weapons, and we must be wary of what is about to happen.” He’s well aware that the united Nato front would have serious consequences, but the important is that it’s real.” Last week, US President Donald Trump called Putin a “war criminal” and “murderous dictator” for invading Ukraine. Any deployment of chemical or biological weapons by Russian forces in Ukraine would “undoubtedly” be a war crime, UK business minister Paul Scully told Sky News on Tuesday.

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It comes following allegations that hypersonic missiles were used to destroy weapons storage in Ukraine on Friday. Hypersonic missiles have a tremendous velocity, making them extremely difficult to intercept. Russian forces were initially positioned for a high-speed blitz into Ukraine, with the goal of immediately capturing Kyiv’s capital, but they were met with tough resistance.m The Russian offensive has “essentially stopped on all fronts,” according to the UK’s Defence Intelligence Agency. According to official numbers, about 10,000 Russian soldiers have died since the invasion began. Rather than quickly conquering Ukraine, Russia has launched a savage bombardment campaign across the country. Ukraine turned down an offer to hand over the beleaguered port city of Mariupol on Monday.

In addition to the halted military campaign, Russia is experiencing dire economic implications at home as a result of US and other sanctions. According to Jeff Schott of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Russian industries that rely on imported components, such as carmaker Lada, have already seen production halt as the rouble has “fallen through the floor.” He told The Washington Post, “Interest rates are excessive.” “Inflation is at an all-time high. Imported goods are in short supply and are not being restocked since no one wants to sell to Russia for fear of not being paid – or only being paid in rubles.”


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