Ray J Net Worth: How Does He Make His money?

American musician, actor, and television personality Ray J, real name William Ray Norwood Jr., was born on January 17, 1981. He is the younger brother of record producer and actress Brandy Norwood and the first cousin of rapper Snoop Dogg. He was born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Carson, California.  He participated in the Celebrity Big Brother competition for the UK’s twentieth season in January 2017.

Willie Norwood and Sonja Bates-Norwood welcomed William Ray Norwood Jr. into the world in McComb, Mississippi. Multi-platinum recording artist Brandy is his older sister. Early in his youth, he and his family relocated from McComb, Mississippi to Los Angeles, California, and he began making appearances in various firms’ television advertisements in 1989.

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Ray J’s Early Life

He began recording his debut album Everything You Want the same year he signed with Elektra Records. The album’s lead single, “Let It Go,” from the Set It Off soundtrack, was released in March 1997. In the U.S. and New Zealand, “Let It Go” peaked at number 25 and 11, respectively. On the American R&B chart, the second single peaked at position 54. He was fired from the label in 1997.

He contributed the song “That’s Why I Lie” to the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack in 1998. He created the music for several commercials and several of the demos for his second record while working as a producer for the toy maker Mattel. The song Ray J and Brandy made, “Another Day in Paradise,” reached number 11 in Australia and France and reached the Top Ten in Austria, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

He co-produced and performed on songs for the R&B/Hip Hop tribute album Urban Renewal, which featured the song as its lead single. For his second studio album This Ain’t A Game, Norwood also collaborated with the Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, Lil’ Kim, and a number of other producers and performers. The album, which took 18 months to record, was released on June 26 by Atlantic Records.

Ray J’s Personal Life

Whitney Houston and Ray J were very close friends over the last few years. Ray J has stated that they were just mates and never dated, despite there being rumors to the contrary. He was in San Diego when she passed away on February 11, 2012, and he hurried to the Hollywood Hilton to attend to her body. According to reports, he became enraged when he overheard a police officer present at the time insult Houston. Ray Jay was held as he attempted to break down the hotel’s doors.

Ray J was characterized as being extremely upset and dejected at the time of Cleveland’s passing by Ray’s sister Brandy. Ray was discovered in his hotel room on May 21, 2012, unable to get out of bed. He was taken by ambulance right away to the hospital. He reportedly got into a fight the day before at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards when Pat Houston, the sister-in-law of Whitney Houston, alerted security after noticing that he was seated next to Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney’s daughter. In August 2016, Ray wed the fashion designer Princess Love in Los Angeles. Their boy was born in January 2020, and their first baby was born in May 2018.

Ray J’s Net Worth

Ray J is a rapper, music producer, and actor with a $14 million fortune. He gained notoriety for taking part in the “home video” that catapulted Kim Kardashian to stardom. He has worked as a singer and TV host.

Ray J’s Career

In 1989, he made his acting debut in a series of television commercials. He was cast as Sinbad’s foster son in the 1993-1994 season of the show. Brandy’s sister Ray J also appeared on her show, Moesha, for two years, as well as One on One. Mars Attacks!, Steel, and Envy are among the films in which he appeared as well as other roles.

Norwood made a guest appearance on UPN’s One-On-One in 2005. A reality dating show on VH1 that lasted two seasons and generated an offshoot of it, Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, re-emerged in 2010 as a result of Ray’s comeback to television. After only one week on set with the UK Celebrity Big Brother cast on January 27, Ray J walked away.

For his debut album, Everything You Want, Ray J signed with Elektra Records in 1995 and began recording in New York City. When Let It Go was released in March 1997, it wasn’t the song you’re thinking about right now! On the soundtrack of the film Set It Off and at number 25 on the US R&B chart, the song was released.

The album’s second single peaked at number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In 1997, Ray J was kicked off of the label. The next year, his original song That’s Why I Lie was included on the Dr. Doolittle album. In addition, he composed and produced music for various advertisements for Mattel.

Who Is Ray J Dating?

Is He Married
Is He Married

Princess Love, Ray J’s current wife, is a member of his family. A year and a half ago, the couple began dating and have been together ever since. The American rapper was born on January 17th, 1981, in McComb, Mississippi. She has recorded five studio albums and has sung the song “Wait A Minute,” which reached number eight on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Ray J Relationship Status

Princess Love will be Ray J’s wife in 2022. They started dating in 2014 at the earliest. A Leo and a Gemini make an excellent match. Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces are believed to be the most compatible signs with Capricorn, while Aries and Libra are considered to be the least compatible. Ray is 41 years old, and Princess Love is 37 years old.

At least 29 previous relationships have been attributed to Ray J, according to CelebsCouples. He hasn’t been married or in a committed relationship before. It’s been around 8 years, 3 months, and 16 days since Ray J and Princess Love started dating.

Who Is Ray J’s Wife?

Princess Love, Ray J’s wife, was born in Oakland, California, on August 14, 1984. She is 37 years old, and her horoscope indicates that she is a Leo. For the most part, people associate Princess Love with her work as a reality television star. It just so happens that she was born in the Rat Year, which means she’s a Rat Woman. Our users verify and fact-check each other’s dating history. Our dating numbers and profiles are based on publicly available data and resources.

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