Ricky Martin’s Nephew Withdraws Affair Harassment Claims

On Thursday in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin’s nephew asked the judge to dismiss the case after withdrawing an application for an order of protection against the singer. The protective order was obtained on July 1 and was scheduled to expire Thursday. The nephew had earlier claimed that the two had been having a romantic relationship for seven months and that he no longer required the protective order “feared for his security” following their breakup. The judge threw out the claim.

Following the hearing, Martin’s attorneys released a statement in which they claimed that the petitioner made the choice to revoke the order “alone, free from outside influence or pressure.” Attorneys Joaqun Monserrate Matienzo, Carmelo Dávila, and Harry Massanet Pastrana said in a statement, “This was never more than a damaged individual making false charges with nothing to support them.” “We are pleased that justice was served for our client, who can now move on with his life and profession.

Martin posted a statement from his attorneys along with the phrase “Truth wins.” According to Act 54, Puerto Rico’s domestic violence prevention and intervention law, a judge granted the man a protective order against the “Living la Vida Loca” singer earlier this month, according to court documents obtained by Telemundo Puerto Rico.

The man claimed in the lawsuit that he and Martin broke up two months ago after dating for seven months. Martin was accused of stalking and harassment by the petitioner for refusing to accept their breakup. According to the ruling, Marin frequently called him and had at least three instances of loitering close to his home. The order stated that the petitioner was concerned for his safety. Martin is not facing any criminal charges.

The individual who requested the protection was redacted from the paperwork, but after online rumours identifying the man as Martin’s nephew appeared, a representative for the artist verified that the man was his half-kid. sister’s”Unfortunately, the source of this claim is experiencing severe mental health problems, “Marty Singers, Martin’s attorney, stated to NBC earlier this week. “Naturally, Ricky Martin has never had, and would never have, a romantic or sexual involvement with his nephew.

The premise is nasty in addition to being false, he continued. “We all pray this man receives the assistance he so desperately needs. However, we most eagerly anticipate that this horrible case will be dismissed as soon as the court has a chance to review the evidence.

Earlier this month, Martin reacted to the initial order in a succinct statement shared on his social media: “Because the claims that led to the entry of the protection order against me are wholly unfounded, I will challenge it in court with the facts and the dignity that define me. I am unable to comment in detail at this time because the legal situation is still pending. I am deeply appreciative of the innumerable expressions of support and accept them with open arms.”

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