Rihanna Shows Support And Loyalty for Boyfriend A$AP Rocky

She’s only a few weeks away from giving birth to her first kid with boyfriend A $ AP Rocky.

And Rihanna was there as a lover to express her support. A buck AP Rocky, 33, made his first public appearance since his arrest on a firearms allegation at the Smokers Club Festival in West Hollywood on Saturday night.

Despite adultery allegations this week, the pregnant singer, 34, stood backstage in a strong display of togetherness with her beau. Making a comeback: A buck AP Rocky, 33, played for the first time since his arrest on a firearms charge at The Smokers Club Festival in West Hollywood on Saturday night.

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In a long dress and coat, the Rude Boy singer could be seen smiling and cuddling her expanding baby bulge. Meanwhile, the rapper was dressed in black joggers with a chain print design and a white ‘advisory’ t-shirt.

A buck AP Rocky hopped around on stage, the lights shining on him, and he looked every inch the performer. Rihanna, 34, was in the throng to demonstrate her support and love to her boyfriend amid adultery allegations and his run-in with the law.

Good-looking: The rapper was dressed in black joggers with a chain print design and a white ‘advisory’ t-shirt. On Wednesday, April 20, he was arrested shortly after he and Rihanna returned from their holiday in Barbados. The Rude Boy singer looked stunning in a maxi dress and coat, smiling and caressing her expanding baby belly.

‘I’m down, would you be down to meet me in Ukraine?’ he wrote in a message purportedly from the rapper. ‘If I figure it out, I’ll make arrangements for you to be there when I arrive.’ Jilly responded to the message by stating that travel restrictions stopped her from flying because the UK was still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

‘I can’t get to Ukraine hehe, I can’t even afford Xmas after last year’s shutdown,’ she tweeted. No one is permitted anywhere because the Prime Minister is a fat useless. You should visit us. Ukraine appears to be icy.”What you guys can’t fly anywhere????’ Rocky allegedly said. That’s a bummer. I’ve just arrived. I’m freezing ‘However, the gym here is great.’

The performance follows accusations that A $ AP had been secretly messaging’ a British mother-of-three for months, only weeks after dismissing rumors that he had cheated on the singer with shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

According to the Sun, a woman called Jilly O’Donnell, 45 was approached on Instagram by someone who looks to be the rapper, 33, who ‘bombarded her with romantic messages.’The alleged correspondence between Jilly and Rocky began in December 2021 and lasted until ‘the beginning of last month,’ according to Jilly.

It was also claimed that months before the Russian incursion in February, he volunteered to fly Jilly “1,700 kilometers to Ukraine to meet him.” Returning to work: A buck AP As he bounced around on stage with the lights shining on him, Rocky looked every inch the entertainer.

‘Man, I became so big in the last week,’ he subsequently remarked. ‘I wish we could have worked something out.’Representatives for both A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna have been contacted by DailyMail.com for comment.

Jilly told the outlet that Rocky reached out to her on the social networking app in December, but she had no idea who he was at the time. ‘I asked my girls after seeing a blue tick next to his name on Instagram. ‘They told me it was Rihanna’s boyfriend and thought it was funny,’ she alleged.

Rocky allegedly texted Jilly three texts over a ten-hour period without receiving a response. Rihanna, 34, is ‘really focused’ on her pregnancy after breaking up with boyfriend A $ AP. Rocky’s, 33, recent arrest and a commitment to ‘not becoming too stressed’; On February 28, 2022, in France

When the paddle-boarding teacher finally responded to the rapper’s alleged direct messages, she said that he ‘liked her response with a heart emoji’ and that they ‘exchanged dozens of texts over the next few months.

Jilly claims she has no idea why she was messaged by the rapper on Instagram, despite the fact that he has 14.7 million followers and she only has 1,500. The trouble with the law: The rapper, 33, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department in November 2021 in connection with a gunshot in Hollywood; in 2022, he was photographed.

Mayers was being investigated by Los Angeles police after a guy claimed the rapper shot him in the area of Selma and Argyle Avenues after an argument. Mayers is suspected of approaching a stranger on the street at 10:15 p.m. on November 6 and shooting him three or four times with a revolver.

One of the bullets grazed the victim’s left hand, prompting him to seek medical attention. Mayers and two other individuals he was apparently walking with fled the scene after the alleged shooting.

After working with the victim, authorities were able to identify Mayers as a suspect in the shooting. Immigration and Customs Enforcement assisted police in apprehending the rapper. The case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles County for filing consideration soon.

It comes as a source informed US Weekly that Rihanna is focusing on her pregnancy in the wake of her boyfriend A$ AP Rocky’s incarceration.’She hasn’t said much about [the arrest],’ the insider claimed. She’s completely focused on her pregnancy and isn’t attempting to be overly anxious.’

According to the insider, the superstar is optimistic about the outcome: ‘She is very sure of herself and has told pals that all she wants is a good ending.’ The 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers, was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department in November 2021 in connection with a shooting in Hollywood.

On Wednesday, April 20, he was apprehended shortly after he and Rihanna returned from their holiday in Barbados. The musician secured his $ 550,000 bond and was pictured leaving a Los Angeles jail the same day, only hours after being arrested at LAX. Expecting: The couple is expecting their first kid together right now. On the 25th of February, 2022, in Milan, Italy.

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