Salt Lake County 20 years Old Woman Allegedly Shoots 2 Security Officers


ABC4’s SALT LAKE COUNTY: According to the Salt Lake City Police Department, two security guards were shot on June 12. (SLCPD). A police officer from Salt Lake City responded to a complaint of gunfire at a club at 368 West 900 South in Salt Lake County. A glass-domed train offers a tour from the Rockies to Red Rocks.
A security guard who was on duty when “a group of males sought to enter the party area of the club” was confronted by the police officer.

The security guard said that when the group was refused entry, there was a disturbance and gunfire was heard. According to reports, he moved in the direction of the gunfire and discovered that one of the other security guards had been injured in the leg. The guard “began to limp before reaching the ground” after hearing the second shot and realising that he, too, had been shot.

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The guards informed the police that the rounds came from a Jeep with two bullet holes after a friend had driven them to the University of Utah emergency room. According to reports, the vehicle contained two occupants: 20-year-old Alliyah Villagrana and one Joseph Emmanuel Villagrana. One of the security personnel said that Aaliyah was the shooter.

The State considers Aaliyah to be a danger to the community since she is believed to have fired multiple shots into a gathering of people without being provoked, and the police claim they have “strong proof” that she did. Aaliyah is said to have left the scene of the shooting after it occurred. She is currently accused of the following: A total of two counts of severe assault (Second-Degree Felony)
Two counts of felony firearm injury discharge (Second-Degree Felony)


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