The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16 Release Date, All Updates

Season 11B of The Walking Dead ends next week. This is the last episode until later this year when the next eight episodes air. After twelve years of filming, the series ended this week on a sorrowful note. In last week’s episode, “The Rotton Core,” Hornsby and his new hitman Carlson were explored further. At Riverbend, all Commonwealth troops, including Carlson, were killed. Hornsby’s ideas are doomed.

In this episode, Negan and Maggie’s son Hershel had a heated exchange. Recognizing Negan as the wicked guy who killed his father, the youngster confronted him. Negan confessed to what he has done to Glenn. He subsequently told Hershel that if he grows up and finds Negan, they would finally put an end to their feud.

Back at the Commonwealth, Sebastian conned Rosita and Daryl into stealing cash from a walker-infested residence. This was a scheme he had tried with at least 40 other people, all of whom perished.

When Mercer found out what Sebastian was up to, he killed the two CW troopers helping him. This was an unusual move that would probably affect him later. Carol informed Hornsby of Sebastian’s plan at the close of this episode. He knew about it and was pleased it had finally worked. Carol is still on his side, and he knows it. Her face in his office reveals a different narrative.

Season 11, Episode 15, “Trust,” airs at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16 Release Date

“Acts of God” is now accessible on AMC+. Stream it on AMC at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 10. This is the 169th and last episode of season 11B. Nicole Mirante-Matthews wrote and directed this episode. “We Are the End of the World” and “Rendition” was penned by Mirante-Matthews. McKenzie’s directorial debut in The Walking Dead universe.

Like most midseason finales, this one will end on a cliffhanger. Maggie and the survivors of Riverbend team up against Hornsby and his Commonwealth warriors. Hornsby employs a hitman.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15

Everyone in the world of The Walking Dead has a lot of secrets. Darkness is heavy, as Ezekiel (Khary Payton) explains in “Trust.” Ezekiel’s dark secret is also an opportunity to bring some light to a world in desperate need. For someone like Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton), it seems endlessly gloomy. Everyone else is grey. The Commonwealth thrives in murky dusk and bruised dawn light, and the secret is the genuine currency.

Even the darkest heart can be overtaken with worry, even if it is merely the selfish fear of discovery that motivates. Throughout “Trust,” every character either spills or actively conceals a secret, for good or bad. Secrets, good or evil, are a heavy burden, and it appears that several characters are crumbling under them.

The episode opens with Daryl, Aaron, and Gabriel all trying to one-up Lance over the situation at Riverbend. It’s easy to see why Lance is dubious of the whole affair, given his own shady actions, but the story falls apart after seeing how good Aaron and Gabriel are at self-defense owing to their experience outside the walls. Aside from Carol, Lance knows that these newcomers are determined to upset his carefully-stacked apple cart with their alien habits and rabble-rousing actions. Activities that are expanding across the Commonwealth depend on reactions.

Not least because of the omnipresent social differences that separate the successful doctor drowning in bureaucracy from his patients, who are too poor or too low on the totem pole to afford vitally needed medical care. Between the protector who gets dirty to keep 50,000 safe and the Commonwealth citizens who would never comprehend. Between friends working with the Commonwealth government and pals reconstructing their wrecked lives and hopes. It’s all about the darkness and each person’s burden.

Mercer hasn’t been a fully formed character, but with more screen time and Princess to bounce off of, the orange-clad guardian of The Commonwealth is coming into his own. A lot of Mercer’s personality comes out in this episode, especially when he’s alone with Paola Lazaro (and Norman Reedus and Christian Serratos last episode). When he is alone with his sister Max (Margot Bingham), the dam cracks and he has to talk to somebody to let it out, naturally choosing his bed partner. He’d never had to kill an associate until last week, and the tasks required to keep The Commonwealth running are finally getting to him. On the other hand, Tomi (Ian Anthony Dale) is in a similar scenario, though primarily shown rather than explained.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15 Characters

Characters like Ross Marquand and Seth Gilliam play mysterious well. Norman Reedus has more dialogue now that Daryl has regained speech, and he excels at bouncing off Lauren Cohan. Lance’s dead-eyed expression as the pick-up truck refuses to start at Hilltop is particularly good, as is the way he conducts his recruiting trip at the end of the episode. Lance is the show’s most difficult rogue to stomach because he’s too much like a coworker or someone you see glad-handing in local politics. It’s not all bad: Negan’s foolish speeches and the Governor’s Lance is the office’s brown-nosed scoundrel rolled into one.

What About Ending of The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 15?

Kevin Dieboldt’s writing focuses on Lance’s character traits, especially when he threatens Hershel at Hilltop (which triggers Daryl to use the F word for the first time I can remember in the series). Mercer’s scenes with Max and Princess reveal how disillusioned he has grown. The Commonwealth has soon lost its shine for newcomers Eugene, Ezekiel, and Carol. They’ve seen a better way of life, one that the Commonwealth could easily adopt given its abundance of resources. It just undermines the power structure that so many people have sacrificed so much to maintain.

It’s not as humorous or cliché as it sounds in “Trust,” according to director Lily Mariye. Because of the settings and the music, the mood is serious yet not boring. The plotting between characters, mainly Daryl and Maggie, to get Lance and company out of Hilltop without being implicated in the apartment complex killing, dominates the episode. With largely reaction shots, it’s a challenging tone to nail, but Mariye does it, and her performers deliver.

The Walking Dead is building to a second cliffhanger this season, so “Trust” is growing rather than paying off. The episode’s ending certainly adds gasoline to the Commonwealth versus Alexandria/Hilltop fire. All it takes is one spark to destroy all everyone has built, and all the secrets will be revealed.


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