Who Plays Steve In Stranger Things: How Old Is He?

Joseph David Keery is an American actor and musician who was born on April 24, 1992, in New York City. His most notable roles include Steve Harrington in Stranger Things (2016–present) and Free Guy in the comedy picture (2021). Djo is the stage name used by Keery when he releases music. When Post Animal was still active, he was a member of the band.

It is believed that Keery was born in Newburyport, MA. A professor of English, his mother is an architect. He is the second of five children in his family. When he was younger, Keery attended River Valley Charter School in Newburyport, a local Montessori elementary and middle school, and Newburyport High School, where he graduated. It wasn’t until high school that his older sister persuaded him to join Theater in the Open, an annual performing arts camp in Maudslay State Park, that he decided to pursue a career in acting.

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Stranger Things Steve Harrington might be the show’s fan favorite, as every show has a fan favorite. Despite the fact that the character was a guest star for the first season, he became a permanent member of the cast in season two and has remained there ever since. As the primary caregiver for the cast’s primary group of children, he has endeared himself to millions with his steadfast devotion to his buddies. Joe Keery, the actor who portrays Harrington, is a real person and maybe just as wonderful as the fictional character. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of why this is the case.

He’s Protective Of His Younger Co-Stars

Joe Keery
Joe Keery

Similar to Steve Harrington, Keery keeps an eye out for his co-stars whenever they are on the road. Fans were overjoyed last month when co-star Caleb McLaughlin brought up the memory of their on-screen romance. After Patton Oswalt referred to Finn Wolfhard’s moniker as “the greatest porn name ever,” Keery stood up for his co-star. After telling Wolfhard, then 14, to disregard it, Keery glared at Oswalt, who subsequently apologized for his behavior. “Joe is definitely a mom bro,” McLaughlin said this year when discussing Keery’s behavior, calling it “really an inspiration.”

How Old Is Steve From Stranger Things?

30 years have passed since Joe Keery’s birth on April 24, 1992. DePaul University is where he earned his degree. Steve, Joe’s character in Stranger Things 4, is 20 years old.

 He Makes Music

After announcing his second “Djo” album last month, Keery has set its release date for Sept. 16. ‘Change,’ the first single from Decide, was released on June 22nd. It will be followed by ‘Twenty Twenty,’ his 2019 album. Even though Steve Harrington isn’t a musician on the show, fans on Twitter were happy to learn more about Joe Keery’s abilities, with one posting, “Why am I just finding that Joe Keery makes music, he’s even hotter now”

He Has An Adorable Relationship With His Girlfriend

However, despite Steve Harrington’s long-ago split from his partner, Keery’s love life is everything but dreary. GQ claims that the actor and model Maika Monroe had been dating for over five years, dating back to a 2017 party where they initially met. Their affair came to light during the Stranger Things season 2 premiere in the same year they worked together on After Everything. Monroe and Keery are known for their charming red carpet appearances, and Monroe even photographed Keery at the commencement of his Djo musical career in 2020.


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He’s The Best Character On Stranger Things And Fans Really Don’t Want Him To Die

Season 4’s final two episodes air this weekend, and fans are more concerned than ever about what will happen to Steve Harrington. As one fan put it on Twitter, “If Steve Harrington dies this season, you will not hear from me again.” Netflix has put up billboards reading “Protect Steve” in anticipation of the finale’s release.

As a hopeful sign, some fans are hoping that Keery will survive, although even he may not know how the show will conclude. During the season 4 premiere in May, ET caught up with Keery, who said that the majority of the cast is kept in the dark until the show’s release. I know I’m just watching this as a fan when I watch the episodes because we’re only filming one of the narratives. On the day, I didn’t witness anything like this.’ He said, “So, that’s very great.”

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