YouTube App Now Connects To Your TV

YouTube App Now Connects To Your TV

Today, YouTube is revealing an intriguing new feature that might be quite handy for individuals who have the YouTube app installed on their television. Previously, using your phone to control that app required going through the Cast process, which was cumbersome. Also, while this worked when you found a video on your phone and wanted to watch it on the TV unless you were casting it, you couldn’t obtain details about the presently playing video on the TV on your phone automatically.

That is what shifts. The new functionality, which is available starting today, allows you to easily connect your TV’s YouTube app to your iPhone or Android phone’s YouTube app, eliminating the need for casting. It’s also a full sync, which means you’ll always get information about the video playing on your TV in the YouTube app on your phone.

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This is how it goes. Open the YouTube app on your phone after starting the YouTube app on your TV. By the way, they must both be logged into the same account. You’ll notice an automatic prompt appear when you open the phone app, and all you have to do now is tap Connect. Once you’ve done so, the two applications will be linked and will always be in sync.

So you can use your phone’s keyboard to search for things to watch on TV, or you can comment on a video you’re watching on TV with your phone, or you can check the description of a video you’re watching on TV with your phone. It’s difficult to explain in words, but once you get the new feature, it should make perfect intuitive sense, and it’ll be one of those features that we’ll all wonder how we ever lived without.

The deployment, as with everything Google, may take some time. It’s unclear whether this will be a server-side update or if you’ll need to upgrade your YouTube app on your phone, but either way, you should have this new feature shortly. YouTube is also working on additional projects involving interactivity in the living room. It’s experimenting with different designs for the video watch page, for example, “to help fold in more distinctly YouTube features – such as browsing and purchasing for products mentioned in videos,” as shown in the image above.

From the comfort of their phones, users may now engage directly with the video they’re watching on TV. While watching on the big screen, YouTube says it will be simpler to read video descriptions, write comments, share the video with a friend, and support favorite creators by sending a Super Chat or becoming a member.

YouTube also intends to expand the TV app’s functionality. The company aims to “try fresh designs” for the video viewing page, according to the company. It states that the goal is to “bring more distinctly YouTube features to the TV, such as the ability to explore and shop for products mentioned in videos.”

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