Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Feud Liam Payne Shady

Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Feud Liam Payne Shady

Since Zayn Malik’s exit from One Direction in 2015, tensions between him and the other members of the band have been intense. While Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan recorded another album that year, the band has been on sabbatical since then to allow everyone to concentrate on their solo careers.

While Zayn has stated that he did not establish any friends in One Direction, he has had conflicts with Louis in particular over the years. However, following some recent online activity, fans believe Louis and the “Pillowtalk” singer have resolved their feud, which comes after another bandmate made some controversial statements on Logan Paul’s podcast. There’s a lot of drama.

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Liam Payne appeared on the Impaulsive podcast, where he revealed some juicy details about his former bandmates and made some big (and easily debunked) statements about his solo career, particularly surrounding the tune “Strip That Down.” One of Liam’s assertions to Logan Paul was that One Direction was built around him as the lead vocalist and that he and Louis Tomlinson “hated each other” and were virtually “at odds.”

When it comes to Zayn Malik, Liam Payne mentioned Zayn’s confrontation with Gigi Hadid’s mother and stated that there are “many reasons” why he dislikes him. “I don’t agree with his acts,” he eventually replied, adding, “I can’t be on his side,” a minute or so after essentially saying, “There are numerous reasons why I’ll always be on his side.” There don’t appear to be any buried hatches there.

Despite Payne’s attempts on Twitter to clarify his words, Liam Payne’s podcast comments supposedly sparked a response from Zayn Malik, who has rarely identified himself with One Direction in recent years. Zayn clapped back through Instagram with a brief video of himself standing in front of numerous accolades, striking the high note on One Direction’s smash “You and I,” without necessarily declaring his direct objective.


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After Zayn Malik’s departure, Liam Payne was the band member tasked with hitting that note at concerts, and many interpreted the post as Zayn confirming that Liam was never the most skilled member of One Direction. For fans, the fact that Zayn’s post received a “like” from an unlikely source – Louis Tomlinson — was just as exciting, if not more so. Is this a sign that the conflict is over? Is this petty gesture an indication that Liam’s old bandmates have banded together against him?

The feud between Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson dates back to 2015 when Zayn quit One Direction and openly insulted the band’s music. The former bandmates had some heated social media conversations in May 2015, according to Buzzfeed, after Louis Tomlinson criticized a photo of his former bandmate. Zayn’s reaction at the moment revealed that his breakup with the band was not as amicable as he’d claimed.

After the birth of Louis Tomlinson’s child in 2016, Zayn Malik “liked” a social media post of the new baby but stated the two were “not on friendly terms.” After Louis’ mother died later that year, Zayn reconnected with him, but Louis subsequently said he was disappointed when Zayn didn’t show up for his performance on the X-Factor finale the following days, which occurred to be Louis’ first solo performance. It’s not the kind of thing that breeds resentment between ex-colleagues, but whatever.

Is it possible for ancient wounds to heal with time and age? Simon Cowell had voiced hope for One Direction reuniting in the future, but if the members’ fighting continues, as well as their respective success as solo artists, fans may have to settle for a pipe dream. They may, however, always hope!

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