A New Resort in Osage Beach Might Result in the Creation of Hundreds of New Jobs

Yesterday, the City of Osage Beach unveiled its plans for a new resort in the region. The St. Louis developers, SkyView Partners, and Tegethoff Development received the submission plans on Thursday. According to estimates, the new resort will generate 500 new employees and 50,000 additional visitors to the region.

3,948 workers in Camden County were employed in the tourism industry in 2019, according to the Lake Area Chambers. With the growth, the lake area would employ about 4,500 people. Some hotel staff members who were interviewed declined to declare they were worried about the new project, but others did.

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Locals reported that it is currently difficult for them to staff their establishments. They don’t know yet how many people will work at the new resort. Oasis at Lakeport, a $300 million family resort and entertainment complex, will be built along the Lakeport site that Big Thunder Marine will purchase in 2021, near the intersection of Highway 54 and Jeffries Road, close to the Grand Glaize Bridge.

A boardwalk, hotels, restaurants, an amphitheater, and other attractions are planned for the area. A 200-foot-tall observation wheel, thrill and family attractions, and roller coasters will all be available as entertainment options. It is anticipated that construction will begin in 2023, with a summer 2024 opening.

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