Aurora Culpo Husband: Is Her Husband Live With Her?

wh is the Aurora Culpo Husband? The Culpo sisters are here to build a sibling-focused business! The three famous sisters immediately jumped into the drama when The Culpo Sisters’ debut episode debuted on TLC on November 7. Even though Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, maybe the most well-known, Aurora Culpo, her older sister, is the one that everyone is paying attention to.

The three sisters talk about Mikey Bortone, Aurora’s husband or, should we say, ex-husband, in the first episode. Fans are naturally very curious about Mikey and how he affected Aurora and the Culpo sisters.

Mikey Bortone: Aurora Culpo Husband

If he seems familiar, you undoubtedly saw him in 2008’s season 16 of Survivor. The Boston, Massachusetts native, who was born on December 29, 1973, signed up for Survivor: Micronesia as an aspiring writer and actress.

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He only spent a few days on the CBS reality show before being eliminated on day 11, leaving him as the fourth-to-last competitor.

Mikey completed his coursework at the Maine Central Institute before spending two years at Northeastern University. His prior business as a proprietor of chimneys and brickwork was a long cry from his Hollywood ambitions.

Aurora Culpo Husband

He was receiving instruction at the Actors Circle Theatre in California at the time of Survivor. Mikey had appeared in advertisements for American Express, Levis, and Progressive Auto, according to his cast page.

Since his last acting role in 2013, his acting career has taken a backseat. Except the 2009 romantic comedy Play The Game, which starred the late Andy Griffith, most of his work has been short movies.

His current business, Watertown Whiskey, sells whiskey that has been blended with organic coconut water. When he’s not keeping an eye on his whiskey production, you can find him cheering on his favourite baseball and football teams from the stands.

Aurora and Mikey Separated After Three Years of Marriage

The former couple married in May 2019 at Hotel Esencia in Tulum, Mexico after dating since 2014. They had been together since 2014. Mikey wore a blue suit and a matching tie, while Aurora wore a stunning form-fitting lace gown with elaborate lace batwing sleeves.

They couldn’t forget Coco, his cherished pit bull, who added colour to the picture of the family with her flower collar. In June 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, Remi Berkeley, into the world. In August 2020, their daughter Solei Marie joined the family.

The Bortones did, however, petition for divorce in April 2022, before their third anniversary. According to court documents obtained by Life & Style, the couple separated on January 1, 2022, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause.

Mikey Bortone, The Spouse of Aurora Culpo, is Being Criticised For Alleged Infidelity

In the episode, Aurora sits down with her sisters and explains all that transpired. In essence, Aurora was informed via an anonymous Instagram message that her husband, Survivor alumni Mikey Bortone, had been having an affair.

She confronted Mikey, who ultimately acknowledged having an affair and betraying Aurora numerous times, as explained by Aurora to her sisters in the episode. The fact that Aurora established a particular standard for their relationship when they first started dating makes it less clear-cut.

Aurora confesses to her sisters, “I made a rule with him, way back when, because I was so sure that nothing could ever separate what we had. Nothing else could ever compare to what we had. He was permitted to have one every year, such as a random hookup. But Aurora’s sisters provide a counterclap.

“What are you thinking?” asks Olivia. Aurora acknowledges that she didn’t have the same freedom as her husband. In a confessional, Sophia admits, “I don’t even know what to believe. My mind is spinning with so many questions. Even though Aurora Culpo and Mikey both filed for divorce in April 2022, this marital turmoil was still going on as the movie was being made.

When we started filming, a lot was going on, Aurora said E! News. “My relationship took a fairly rapid swing, and I kept track of everything.” Although difficult, it was what we agreed upon. I did my best considering that we agreed to be open and honest.

Former “Survivor” contestant Mikey Bortone is the ex-husband of Aurora Culpo. Mikey Bortone was well-known as a Survivor veteran from his stint on Survivor: Micronesia, popularly known as Fans vs. Favorites before they started dating.

It’s difficult for fans to recall much more about this season of Survivor because it’s known for Erik Reichenbach willingly giving up his immunity necklace to be voted out. After 43 seasons of Survivor players, Mikey isn’t the most memorable because he was the second person voted off of his tribe in the fourth episode before the merge.


Remi and Solei are Aurora and Mikey’s two children, who were born in 2019 after their marriage. But after three years of marriage, their union deteriorated, and they both requested a divorce.

Due to their irreconcilable disagreements, Mikey filed for divorce after Aurora filed in April 2022. He also requested spousal maintenance. However, given that they both requested shared custody of their children from the court, it does appear to be a rather pleasant situation.

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