How Old Is Eddie Stranger Things? How He Died In Season 4?

He is a British actor with the name of Joseph Quinn. The miniseries Howards End (2017) and Catherine the Great (2019) have all been shown on British television, and he has appeared in all three (2019). In addition, he has been in the BBC shows Strike and Les Misérables. Season 4 of Stranger Things in 2022 marked his big-screen debut as Eddie Munson.

In London, England, Quinn was born. While attending the private Emanuel School from 2007 to 2012 as part of the school’s drama scholar program, the South London-born actor was awarded a scholarship. The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, from which he graduated in 2015, served as his next stop for formal training in acting.

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How Old Was Eddie When He Died?

Eddie was Dustin’s best friend in high school, but he was older than the rest of his peers. Despite the fact that Eddie’s age and birthdate aren’t mentioned in the show (though some sources dedicated to it list it as December 1965), it’s implied that he was around 20 years old when Stranger Things season 4 began, and this is supported by the fact that Eddie was supposed to graduate high school in 1984 and was confident he would do so by 1986.

To recap, Eddie died in the Upside Down while trying to draw away the Demobats and kill some of the flying creatures in order to save Steve, Robin, and Nancy. However, he was ultimately defeated by the Demobats and died as a result of the wounds they inflicted on him. Eddie’s uncle Wayne was seen putting up missing person posters in the penultimate episode of Season 4 of Stranger Things, and the posters identified Eddie’s age as 17.

How Stranger Things’ Eddie Age Mistake Can Be Explained?

Although the Stranger Things production crew may have made a mistake by putting Eddie’s age on the missing person posters, there may be some in-universe reasons for this. Season 4 of Stranger Things revealed that the Upside Down is frozen in time, with Nancy discovering that it is 1983 in the Upside Down. Even though Eddie actually died in the Upside Down in 1983 (and not 1986), he would have been just 17 years old in 1983 and therefore the poster’s age for him is accurate – but why?

It’s plausible that Eddie went away in 1983 (for whatever reason) and his uncle was reusing the missing person posters from that period, given Eddie’s rebellious nature and record. Stranger Things fans have also pointed out that Wayne is dressed in a similar style to Jonathan Byers when he put up Will’s missing-person poster in season 1, which may be a clue at Eddie’s return in season 5, but that doesn’t explain the age discrepancy between the two characters. There are a number of ways the Duffer Brothers and team might utilize this misstep in Stranger Things season 5 to their advantage.

Master Of Puppets Teases Eddie’s Villainous Return

The inclusion of “Master of Puppets” in season 4 of Stranger Things could be a teaser for Eddie’s villain return in season 5 of the show. Eddie may have been chosen for this song since he is soon to be Vecna’s Master of Puppets. Volume 2 of Stranger Things season 4 revealed that Vecna is the mastermind behind the Mind Flayer and other threats Eleven and her friends have encountered in the past.

Fans may recall that in Season 3, the Mind Flayer possessed humans and rats in Hawkins, transforming them into the dreaded “The Flayed.” Eddie Munson could become the leader of The Flayed, Vecna’s puppets, in the fifth season of Stranger Things. With Eddie’s skills as a puppeteer, Vecna’s takeover effort at Hawkins would be much easier for him to pull out.

Season 5’s return is complicated by Eddie’s death, but it isn’t out of the question. This season of Stranger Things showed just how much influence Vecna has in the Upside Down thanks to his powers, even going so far as to reshape the Mind Flayer particles into the huge spider-like creature viewers know and love.

We don’t know for sure whether Vecna could bring Eddie Munson back to life in the Upside Down or utilize him as his host. Since Eddie’s body was apparently left in the Upside Down, Vecna’s malevolent abilities are virtually limitless. As a result of Vecna’s confrontation with Nancy, Steve, and Robin, it is possible that Eddie’s Stranger Things season 5 villain turn could be a part of Vecna and One’s plan to invade Hawkins.

What Eddie’s Role In Stranger Things Season 5 Could Be?

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn

As a villain, Eddie might play several different roles in the broader plot of Stranger Things season 5. With the fourth season’s cliffhanger finale revealing several hints about the upcoming fifth season, subsequent interviews with Stranger Things stars have revealed even more. For the Hawkins-set climax, there will be a time jump that keeps the major characters together. Vecna’s fault lines pose the biggest threat to their small community, though.

Vecna’s invasion and possible conquest could be facilitated by the ground fractures. Although his injuries incurred in the finale may take some time to heal, it’s possible he’ll be out for some time. Eddie, as the Master of Puppets, might take command of his army while Vecna is recuperating. Season 5 of Stranger Things is likely to feature more than just Vecna as the show’s major adversary. To keep the enormous ensemble of individuals engaged, the final season will necessitate a wide variety of dangers and challenges.

There will be plenty to keep Eleven and Will’s stories connected to the main villain, but Mike and his friends will be left with little to do while they wait for their Vecna links to be revealed. Eddie has the potential to play a significant role in arranging the threats that the other characters will confront in the upcoming invasion of Hawkins. As long as other Hawkins residents do not escape, Eddie Munson’s villain turn can help perpetuate the dangers that everyone but Eleven must endure. He could lead a new organization called The Flayed made up of these locals or become the Demogorgon, Demodog, Demobat king. It would be a difficult revelation for Dustin and others to deal with.

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