How Iranian Mahsa Amini’s Death Inspired Thousands of Women To Disobey Hijab Laws


Amini was taken into custody by the Guidance Patrol, a vice squad of the Law Enforcement Command of the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for ensuring the public hijab is worn as required. She reportedly collapsed from heart failure at a police station, spent two days in a coma, and then passed away.

Using her smuggled medical scans and testimony from witnesses who saw her being abused and hitting her head on the side of a police cruiser, others diagnosed her with a brain hemorrhage and a stroke.

Many people around the world reacted to Amini’s death, which some media outlets reported had become a symbol of violence against women in the Islamic Republic of Iran and had led to demonstrations all around the country.

Many public figures and groups have spoken out against the Morality Police in Iran for their treatment of women and have shown their support for the protesters. The US Treasury has also sanctioned Morality Police officials and Iranian government security officials.

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What happened to Mahsa Amini?

Ms. Amini was on a trip to Tehran from her native western Kurdish area of Iran. Her detention by Iran’s morality police occurred on September 13. It was commented that her hijab was too sloppy. She slipped into a coma while in police custody and passed away three days later.

Legal advocates claimed that Ms. Amini was beaten by the morality police. Police said the 22-year-old woman had a heart attack while waiting with other arrested women at a morals police station, so they dismissed the allegations.

 Police added that after looking into the situation thoroughly, they concluded that “there was no physical touch with her” between the time she was transferred to the car and when she arrived at the scene. Ms. Amini’s father, however, stated to the pro-reform news website Emtedad that his daughter had never had any health difficulties or a history of heart issues.

He blamed the police for his daughter’s death, claiming she had been severely injured. Iranian state television broadcasted a clip showing a woman named Ms. Amini tripping and falling while standing up to speak to a police official. Still, the clip’s authenticity could not be confirmed.

What Is Iran’s Morality Police?

The Iranian government has a particular branch of the LEF called the “morality police” whose job is to enforce laws against sexual harassment and public displays of indecency. Women are expected to cover their hair entirely with the headscarf in public.

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What Are The Hijab Laws In Iran?

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, women in Iran have been required to wear headscarves in public. The morality police are responsible for enforcing this and other laws. Women in Iran can earn degrees, work outside the house, and run for public office with the same ease as men. However, they must wear the hijab and other modest clothing in public.

What’s Happening With The Protests In Iran?

What's Happening With The Protests In Iran
What’s Happening With The Protests In Iran

Since Saturday, when protests against Ms. Amini’s death first broke out, they have expanded to more than eighty Iranian cities. Recent protests in Iran have primarily taken place in the northwest, where there is a sizable Kurdish population.

The death toll from the rioting was reported to be at least 31 by a human rights group; however official media reported only 17. Public fury over the tragedy continued to grow on Thursday, with reports of attacks on security officers in Tehran and some Kurdish cities.

Protests over Ms. Amini’s murder have been the largest in the Islamic Republic since 2019 when demonstrations erupted over a government spike in the price of fuel. According to rights groups, a subsequent crackdown resulted in hundreds of deaths and was the bloodiest violence since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

How Has The World Reacted To Ms. Amini’s Death?

How Has The World Reacted To Ms. Amini's Death
How Has The World Reacted To Ms. Amini’s Death

There are videos of ladies ripping off their required headscarves and spinning them in the air. Some depict Iranian ladies participating in a protest by shaving off their hair.
The US Treasury announced penalties against Iran’s morality police on Thursday, accusing them of abusing and violently attacking Iranian women and breaching the rights of peaceful Iranian protesters.

According to a representative for the National Security Council in the White House, the administration demands answers regarding the circumstances behind Ms. Amini’s death. The murder of Mahsa Amini, who was injured while in police detention for wearing an “improper” hijab, “is an appalling and heinous violation of human rights,” the official said.

Women in Iran should be allowed to choose what they wear without fear of reprisal. Iran has to stop punishing women for expressing their freedom of expression and assembly rights. Activists in Australia demand that the federal government “call out” the Iranian regime for its violent crackdown on the protests.

 Melbourne-based Iranian Women’s Association head Nos Hosseini called the crackdown a “brutal attack on women’s rights and liberties.” “What’s crucial right now is for the international community to take a firm stand… and the Australian government needs to be part of that and call out the Iranian dictatorship for its human rights breaches,” she said.

A woman with brown hair and navy blue clothing stares slightly off-center into the camera. The government is “extremely disturbed by reports that people have been killed and many more injured,” according to a DFAT official. The Australian government has expressed concern over the violent crackdown on Iranian demonstrators and moves to limit internet access.

We stand with the Iranian people in their right to demonstrate peacefully. We urge the Iranian government to refrain from further use of force in response to the continuing protests.

How Has Iran’s Government Responded?

According to Iranian news sources, the Intelligence Ministry of Iran has warned that anyone participating in rallies over Ms. Amini’s murder will be prosecuted. The governor of Tehran announced on Wednesday that officials had arrested three foreign nationals during protests in the city.

At least 25 protesters have been detained by Iranian security forces, and three individuals have been slain by armed groups, according to the governor of the Kurdistan province. The precise death tally roll is still up in the air.

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