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Billie Joel Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, is fed up with American politics. After the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v Wade, the 50-year-old vocalist and guitarist from Oakland, California, announced to the fans during a recent performance with the band at the U.K.’s London Stadium that he is abandoning his citizenship.

Armstrong uttered the words “F—- America,” to loud applause from the crowd. “I’m quitting my citizenship like an f—-. I’m coming here like an f—-.” The concert was a stop on Green Day’s Hella Mega Tour, which also featured Weezer and Fall Out Boy.

Armstrong said, “There’s too much f—-ing stupidity in the world to go back to that sad f—-ing excuse for a country. “Oh, I don’t joke. In the next few days, you’ll hear from me a lot.” Since Roe v Wade, the historic 1973 Supreme Court ruling granting women the right to have abortions in any state, was officially overturned on Friday, protests have broken out around the nation, forcing some trigger states to immediately take action to outlaw abortions.

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The judgment, which was upheld by Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and all three of the Justices named by Donald Trump, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, has drawn criticism from a number of high-profile individuals.

Phoebe Bridgers led her audience in a chant of “F—- the Supreme Court” while performing at the Glastonbury Festival. Similar behaviour was displayed by Olivia Rodrigo at her festival performance. She summoned Lily Allen on stage and paid tribute to the five Supreme Court Justices who overruled Roe v. Wade by dedicating Allen’s 2009 song “F—- You” to them.

Rodrigo added, “I’m devastated and afraid that so many mothers and so many girls may perish as a result of this. I wanted to dedicate the following song to the five Supreme Court justices who have demonstrated that they genuinely don’t care about freedom at all.

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A personality illness is known as a borderline personality disorder (BPD), also referred to as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), which is characterized by a protracted pattern of tumultuous interpersonal interactions, a warped sense of who one is, and intense emotional responses. People who are impacted frequently engage in self-harm and other risky activities, frequently because they find it difficult to get their mental state back to a healthy or normal baseline.

They might also suffer from disconnection from reality, a sense of emptiness, and a dread of abandonment. Events that other people would regard as typical can cause BPD symptoms to manifest. Early adulthood is when BPD often starts, and it can happen in many different contexts. BPD frequently co-occurs with eating disorders, depression, and substance use disorders. 8 to 10 percent of those who have the illness may commit suicide. The condition is frequently misdiagnosed because it is vilified in both the media and the psychiatric community.

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Celebrities And Famous People With Borderline Personality Disorder

Brandon Marshall

NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall has experience playing for a variety of clubs, including the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, and Denver Broncos. With 21 catches, he currently owns the NFL record for most receptions in a single game.

Marshall is officially one of only a handful of well-known individuals with BPD who have received a diagnosis and made a public admission about their condition. In fact, he has been extremely vocal about the issue and has aided in raising awareness of the mental illness. He is the creator of Project 365, a company whose goal is to increase awareness of mental health.

Doug Ferrari

Many people refer to Doug Ferrari, a comedian, and writer from San Francisco, as “Dougzilla.” Before seeking treatment and making a comeback to the comedy stage, his battles with addiction and mental illness left him homeless for a while. Doug has been honest about his BPD diagnosis and has acknowledged that it contributed to a portion of his temporary homelessness.

He has been involved with the homeless charity since his return. The following celebrities are frequently identified as having a borderline personality disorder (BPD) in articles, but they have not publicly disclosed their diagnosis, and some media sources have only claimed that they show symptoms of the illness without actually having it.

Jim Carrey

Despite being a comedy superstar, Jim Carrey has been incredibly candid in interviews and on social media about his battles with depression. However, he has never disclosed receiving a BPD diagnosis. The actor and comedian have recently started painting as a calming and expressive activity, sharing a lot of his work on his Instagram account.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, known for her smokey vocals and emotive songs like “Rehab,” tragically overdosed in July 2011, joining the famed 27 Club of singers who passed away at the age of 27. Winehouse openly battled addiction, despair, and other symptoms of untreated borderline personality disorder, but physicians didn’t suspect she had BPD until after she passed herself.

Robbie Williams

In an interview in 2018 on his mental health, British music star Robbie Williams didn’t “hold any punches,” adding, “I’ve got a disease that wants to kill me and it’s in my head, so I have to protect against it.” Despite making his problems public, he hasn’t revealed a borderline personality disorder diagnosis.

Elizabeth Wurtzel

Famous for her book “Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America,” author Elizabeth Wurtzel tragically passed away from cancer in January 2020. At the ripe old age of 26, she wrote this memoir. Despite having severe mental health problems, Wurtzel was able to engage the audience in a conversation about these universal concerns through her tale, however, BPD was never brought out.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a singer and international megastar with far too many songs and accolades to list. The pop icon and artist is also well-known for her very public troubles, and without a formal diagnosis, it is merely hypothesized that some of her problems mimic the symptoms of BPD.

Her family obtained a legal conservatorship over many of her financial and personal affairs after a breakdown in 2008 that was caught on tape. Despite occasional setbacks throughout the years, she is still a top-selling artist. Spears just unveiled a brand-new album cover for her 2016 release “Glory” at the urging of her fans.

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Jurors decided in favor of Johnny Depp in a recent court dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard. “Pirates of the Caribbean” has made him a household name. One recent news from the pop subject claims that a star has accepted an enormous $301 million contract deal for a sequel. As soon as he won the slander case against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp began actively reviving his career. Even though he’s entitled to $10.35 million in damages, he doesn’t seem to care about the money at all.

Is Disney finally apologizing to the actor and asking him to return to the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise after countless requests from fans? For more information, keep reading! In the wake of Amber Heard’s accusations, Johnny’s career took a major hit. He was also fired from Fantastic Beasts 3 and Pirates Of The Caribbean, both of which he had been attached to. However, it is also reported that Disney never agreed to include him in the upcoming franchise because of his unprofessionalism.

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Disney has finally apologized to Johnny Depp, according to, an Australian pop culture gossip blog. Jack Sparrow’s comeback in Pirates Of The Caribbean was purportedly offered to him for an astronomical sum of 2355 crores ($301 million). “I know corporate gave him a gift basket with a really heartfelt letter, but I’m unsure how it was received,” said a person close to the publication. The studio has already written a draught for a picture on Captain Jack Sparrow, and they are hopeful that Johnny would forgive them and return to the role he created.”


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However, there is no evidence to support this claim. In reality, the piece has aroused suspicions because Disney’s offer is so close to what Johnny Depp said in the defamation trial. It’s worth noting that Depp previously stated that he wouldn’t return to Pirates Of The Caribbean, no matter how much money he was offered. Furthermore, the show’s creators have stated that they have no intentions to bring back Johnny at this point. It appears that this rumor is nothing more than a fabrication!

Why Is Disney Reportedly Offering A $301 Million Deal To Depp?

According to Heard’s lawyer during the high-profile case, Depp once said he would not make another Pirates film for ‘$300 million and a million alpacas,’ which is a significant amount of money. “Is Disney aware that Mr. Depp has stated under oath that he would not take another pirate of the Caribbean role for $300 million and a million alpacas?”

In light of his statement, Disney has offered the actor $301 million to return to the movie. The pact also includes Depp’s return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, as well as a spin-off series for Disney Plus, in addition to the film contract. A charity of Johnny Depp’s choice is expected to receive a gift from Disney.

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South Korean boy band BTS (RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), popularly known as Bangtan Boys, was formed in 2010 and released their debut album, “Bangtan Boys,” in 2013. Co-writing and co-producing much of the group’s output is a significant part of the septet’s responsibilities. Originally a hip-hop group, they’ve expanded their sound to include a variety of other styles. A common topic in their lyrics is a personal and social reflection on issues such as mental health in school-age children and adolescent transitions. In addition, they usually make literary and psychological allusions in their work and incorporate an alternate universe plot line.

It was in 2014 that BTS launched their first studio albums in Korean and Japanese after making their 2013 debut with the single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. It was the group’s second studio album, Wings (2016), that sold one million copies in South Korea for the first time. 2017 marked the year in which BTS broke multiple sales records and became a household name throughout the world’s music industry.

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In addition to becoming the first Korean act to reach No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 with their studio album Love Yourself: Tear, they received RIAA certification for their single “Mic Drop” (2018). For the first time in Korea’s music history, BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer (2018) was certified platinum by the RIAA, making them one of the few groups since the Beatles to have four US number-one albums in less than two years.

BTS’ J-Hope Announces Solo Album

The BTS ARMY, mark your calendars now! Big Hit announced the release date and track listing for J-debut Hope’s solo album and lead single on Saturday, June 25. Jack in the Box, according to Reverse, will be released on July 15, with the first single being released two weeks prior on July 1. According to the statement, “[J- Hope’s] desires to break the mold and progress further” are reflected in the album. In addition, “various content to show J-unique Hope’s personality as an artist will be unveiled” with the song, which has not yet been named.

On top of that, J-Hope announced the news on his Instagram account, where he posted a video beginning with a white J in the center of the screen and a bright checkered background. He only captioned the video, “‘Jack in the box,” with that phrase. Type first revealed in mid-June that J-Hope would be the first member of the group to release a solo project, and now the specifics have emerged. Before the end of the month, BTS also revealed that the septet will be taking a “short pause” so that J-Hope and the rest of the septet could focus on their own projects.

J-Hope will headline Lollapalooza’s main stage on July 31 in addition to releasing his debut solo album as a member of BTS on June 7. A South Korean artist will be performing on a big stage for the first time at a major American music festival. Doja Cat, who revealed in May that she would have to withdraw from the competition due to tonsil surgery, has been replaced by J-Hope.

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The future of augmented reality (AR) at Apple is being teased by CEO Tim Cook. Cook reiterated that Apple has been working on AR-related goods for the past few years during a recent interview with China Daily. This time, Cook made a very obvious implication about the impending release of the final AR product(s).

According to rumors, Apple will introduce the first augmented reality (AR)-mixed reality (MR) headgear in January 2023. The launch is scheduled because the metaverse has gained a lot of attention in recent months.

Cook has already previously made comments about the impending AR devices, so this is nothing new. However, this was unquestionably the first time Cook exuded confidence over these AR devices. Apple has long been developing augmented reality products, but they haven’t been released in the last few years.

Cook now exudes confidence in the company’s next AR goods. The Apple CEO expressed his excitement for the possibilities in the market as it “could not be more intense.” You can sort of check back later to see what we have to offer.

This gave a strong indication that Apple’s eagerly anticipated augmented reality headgear would materialize shortly. According to rumours, Apple is developing a variety of augmented reality-related goods, including a loom for its mixed reality headset. According to some other sources, the mixed reality headset could be unveiled as early as 2023 or later this year.

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Cook hasn’t yet provided particular information regarding Apple’s AR products, but according to a note by Jeff Pu of Haitong International Tech Research, which was obtained by 9to5Mac, the company’s reported AR Glasses are already in the design development stage. The AR Glasses may be unveiled in the second half of 2024, the expert added.

Apple is now working on its future iPhones, known as the iPhone 14 series, in addition to these augmented reality goods. The Cupertino-based tech company is expected to introduce four models as part of the series, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

According to rumors, Apple may discontinue the iPhone small model this year since its sales negatively impacted those of the iPhone SE series. According to speculations, the tech giant will instead introduce the iPhone 14 Max. None of these specifics have been confirmed by Apple.

Is Apple working on a VR headset?

Apple is already working on the second-generation AR/VR headset even though the first generation has not yet been released, according to Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo. A new battery system, a speedier processor, and an improved design are all anticipated for the AR/VR headset that will be available in 2024.

Does Apple use AR?

With hundreds of millions of AR-capable devices and dozens of AR apps available on the App Store, Apple has the largest AR platform in the world. There is no better way to enjoy augmented reality (AR) because Apple devices and software are built specifically for it.

How much will the Apple VR cost?

Despite this, speculations suggest the project could begin in 2022 or 2023. Cost of the Apple AR/VR headset: Pricing has not yet been made official, but speculations say it will be in the $3,000 to $2,200 to AU$ 4,400 range.

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The agency’s first mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid, Psyche, was scheduled to launch in 2022, but NASA confirmed Friday that it will not take place. NASA does not have enough time to do the necessary testing prior to the remainder of its launch window this year, which ends on October 11.

This is due to the spacecraft’s flight software and testing equipment’s delayed delivery. To make sure the software will operate properly in flight, the mission crew needs more time. As a part of its Discovery Program, a series of competitive, low-cost missions headed by a single principal scientist, NASA chose Psyche in 2017.

To analyze the project’s and the Discovery Program’s future course of action, the agency is assembling an impartial assessment team. Thomas Zurbuchen, the assistant administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington, said, “NASA takes the cost and schedule obligations of its missions and programs extremely seriously.

In the context of the Discovery Program, “We are investigating options for the mission, and a decision on the course of action will be taken in the coming months.” The impartial assessment team, which is often composed of authorities from government, academia, and business, will examine potential courses of action, including approximate costs.

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Impacts on the agency’s planetary scientific portfolio and Discovery Program will also be taken into account. The guidance, navigation, and flight software of the spacecraft is used to direct the antenna of the spacecraft toward Earth so that it may transmit data and receive commands.

This orientation of the spacecraft will be controlled as it travels through space. The spacecraft’s solar electric propulsion system, which starts operating 70 days after launch, also receives trajectory information from it.

A compatibility problem was found with the software’s testbed simulations as the mission team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California started to test the system. NASA changed the mission’s scheduled launch date from August 1 to no earlier than September 20 in May to account for the necessary work.

Although the problem with the testbeds has been found and fixed, there is not enough time to finish a thorough examination of the software in time for a launch this year. “It takes tremendous precision to fly to a far-off metal-rich asteroid while using Mars as a gravity assist on the way there.

It must be done correctly. Psyche has received incredible work from hundreds of workers throughout this time, and the effort will continue as the intricate flight software is thoroughly tested and evaluated, according to JPL Director Laurie Leshin. Although it wasn’t an easy choice, delaying the launch was the right one.

The spacecraft would have reached the asteroid Psyche in 2026 if it had been launched during the mission’s 2022 launch window, which was from August 1 to October 11. Although there are potential launch windows in 2023 and 2024, the spacecraft would not reach the asteroid until 2029 or 2030, respectively, due to the relative orbital locations of Psyche and Earth.

These potential launch seasons’ specific dates have not yet been determined. The mission’s principal investigator, Lindy Elkins-Tanton of Arizona State University (ASU), commented, “Our great team has conquered almost all of the incredible hurdles of developing a spacecraft during COVID.”

“After overcoming a number of hardware and software obstacles, we were ultimately halted by one last issue. We only need a little more time, and we can take care of this one as well. I’m really appreciative of the team’s excellence and they are prepared to move forward.

The rocket is included in the $985 million life-cycle mission cost of Psyche. To yet, $717 million of that has been spent. Calculations are now being made to determine the projected expenses associated with supporting each of the mission alternatives.

NASA’s Janus mission to research twin binary asteroid systems and the Deep Space Optical Communications technology demonstration to test high-data-rate laser communications that is integrated with the Psyche spacecraft were both set to launch on the same SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket as Psyche. Options for both programmes are being evaluated by NASA.

The Psyche mission is run by ASU. The mission’s general management, system engineering, integration and test, and mission operations are handled by JPL, which is run by Caltech in Pasadena, California, for NASA.

The spacecraft chassis for high-power solar electric propulsion is provided by Maxar. The launch is being overseen by NASA’s Launch Services Program, which has its headquarters at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. To learn more about the Psyche mission, go to:

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President Joe Biden asked Congress to postpone the federal gas tax in a largely symbolic measure after realizing that lowering pump prices would hurt his party’s chances of winning the next election. m By postponing the 18-cent federal gas tax for the next 90 days, Biden said on Wednesday at the White House, “We can cut the price of petrol and offer them just a little bit of relief.”

He claimed that states should also suspend their own gas taxes because many of them have surpluses in their budgets as a result of the federal fiscal stimulus. Additionally, he exhorted refiners and owners of petrol stations to guarantee that “every penny” of the tax suspension gets to consumers.

Your customers, the American people, badly need relief, Biden continued. “Reduce the pump price so that it accurately reflects the cost of the product. Do it now, as soon as possible. Republicans criticized Biden’s handling of the issue of rising gas prices, and in response, Biden blamed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the current increase.

Are you now denying that we were wrong to assist Ukraine, all of you Republicans in Congress blaming me for the high cost of gas in America? he questioned. Do you mean to say that we made a mistake by refusing to succumb to Putin? Do you mean that we would choose Putin’s tight control over Europe over lower gas prices in the US?

The average national price of regular unleaded has climbed by over 38% since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, according to statistics from the auto club AAA provided by Bloomberg.

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Biden went on, “I comprehend the swift politics of the assault. But the simple fact is that gas prices have climbed by about $2 per gallon as a result of Vladimir Putin’s ruthless assault on Ukraine. He wouldn’t get away with it, not with us.

He then neglected to respond to inquiries after his remarks. The president is urging a decrease in fuel prices, which have become a political albatross as the November midterm elections draw near. Obama had authorized the release of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve with little effect on pump prices and prods oil companies locally and abroad to open the production taps.

His Wednesday appeal to Congress, however, was virtually ineffective, underscoring the extent of his power. Biden’s deteriorating popularity is unlikely to convince the states to act if they haven’t already since there is little willingness in Congress, even among Democrats, to stop the collection of the gasoline tax.

“The basic line is that this is just kind of another rhetorical weapon of the White House to sort of show that they’re doing everything they can on inflation,” said Libby Cantrill, head of public policy at Pacific Investment Management Co., on Bloomberg Television on Wednesday.

Additionally, Biden’s stance is rife with policy contradictions: he has previously supported cutting US oil production while now supporting its expansion; lowering gasoline prices would stimulate more consumption, which would be at odds with his efforts to reduce the US’s dependency on fossil fuels.

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Delaying the fuel tax may also have the unintended consequence of driving up prices even more. According to a Biden adviser, it wouldn’t be possible if the crisis in Ukraine didn’t exist. This is not a proposal that you push for constantly, Biden aide Gene Sperling said on Bloomberg Radio on Wednesday.

There have probably been many times when I’ve said, “Hey, we don’t need to do that; instead, let’s think about what the situation is right now.” Instead, Biden is making the appeal as part of a persistent rhetorical push to blame Republicans for congressional inaction as he draws sharper contrasts ahead of the November elections.

Republicans in Congress who today criticized me for the expensive gas in America, are you now claiming that we were wrong to support Ukraine? Biden questioned. Do you mean to say that we made a mistake by refusing to succumb to Putin? Do you mean that we would choose Putin’s tight control over Europe over lower gas prices in the US?

Biden asked for a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax and diesel fuel tax, both of which are 24 cents a gallon, from now through the summer. That would be in addition to any sanctions imposed at the state level. The suspensions, according to aides, would bring down petrol costs by 50 cents a gallon when combined.

The national average for the US is currently very near to records, hovering around $5 per gallon. State-level initiatives draw attention to the likelihood of ensuing price hikes. Some states that postponed their own fuel taxes saw prices return higher than they would have without a suspension, according to research by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The majority of economists are sceptical that a gas tax suspension will have the desired outcome. When there is a limited supply, reducing the price could boost demand, which might lead to higher pricing. Professor Jason Furman of Harvard University, the former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, argued on Twitter that providers rather than consumers will benefit most from the tax cut.

The substantive basis for the programme is poorer than ever, according to a paper released on Wednesday by Tobin Marcus, senior US policy strategist at Evercore ISI. The paper claims that “subsidising demand amid a supply crunch would be counterproductive,” that “the extent of the tax drop compared to pump prices is negligible,” and that “higher refinery utilization suggests more of the benefit would be taken by producers instead of consumers.”

Marcus stated that it “suggests that few new ideas are emerging” because it took months for MPs to determine whether or not to endorse a plan that had been put up earlier in the year. The best strategies to lower gas costs, according to retired Federal Reserve economist Claudia Sahm, are to reduce demand and increase supply.

She claims that the gas tax holiday is “slightly gimmicky, would have a negligible influence on gasoline prices, and would considerably stimulate demand.” She went on to say that “every ten cents count,” and that “the holiday would at least knock down the pricing on the gas station signage a little.”

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Alexa from Amazon might soon be able to imitate the voice of a family member, even if that person has died. The feature, which was shown off at Amazon’s Re: Mars conference in Las Vegas, is in the works and would let the virtual assistant imitate the voice of a specific person based on a recording of less than a minute.

Rohit Prasad, Alexa’s senior vice president and head scientist, said at the event on Wednesday that the goal of the new feature was to help users trust Alexa more by giving it more “human attributes” like empathy and affect.

“These traits are even more important now that so many of us have lost loved ones because of the pandemic,” Prasad said. “AI can’t take away the pain of loss, but it can keep their memories alive.” A young child asks Alexa, “Can Grandma finish reading me The Wizard of Oz?” in a video that Amazon showed at the event.

Alexa then says “OK” and changes to another voice that sounds like the child’s grandmother. The voice assistant then keeps going with the same voice. Prasad said that the company had to figure out how to make a “high-quality voice” with a shorter recording instead of spending hours in a studio.

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This was needed to make the feature. Amazon didn’t give any more information about the feature, which is sure to raise more privacy concerns and questions about what is right and wrong when it comes to consent. Microsoft, a competitor of Amazon, said earlier this week that it would cut back on its synthetic voice services and set stricter rules to “ensure the active participation of the speaker” whose voice is being recreated.

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it is limiting the number of customers who can use the service. However, it is still highlighting good uses, such as an interactive Bugs Bunny character at AT&T stores, as examples of what can be done with the service.

In a blog post, Natasha Crampton, who heads Microsoft’s AI ethics division, said, “This technology has exciting potential for education, accessibility, and entertainment, but it’s easy to see how it could also be used to impersonate speakers in a bad way and trick listeners.”

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A Destiny 2 YouTuber is being sued by Bungie for allegedly responding to DMCA takedown requests made against his account by filing bogus DMCA claims on Bungie’s behalf against other streams and the studio. At least $7.6 million in damages are sought in Bungie’s case, which was submitted to a federal court on Wednesday.

According to the complaint, Nicholas Minor, who broadcasted under the name Lord Nazo, made two fictitious Gmail accounts to pose as employees of CSC Global, a copyright management company that represents Bungie. According to the lawsuit, Lord Nazo sent takedown requests for YouTube 96 using those addresses in February, claiming the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Videos posted by My Name is Byf (974,000 followers), Aztecross (615,000 subscribers), and Bungie’s own YouTube account were taken down. The complaint stated that “Minor’s attack sent shockwaves through the Destiny community.” ‘I’m frightened to make new Destiny videos, much alone keep the ones I’ve already put up,’ one content creator said in reference to the chilling impact the fake takedowns had on their own work.

Companies like YouTube are required by the DMCA to take down user-published content that violates another person’s copyright. Because of the broad scope of the obligation, some people have abused the statute’s provisions by submitting DMCA declarations with YouTube and other sites to stop competitors in business or social media foes.

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Minor “exploit[ed] the vulnerability in YouTube’s DMCA-process security that allows anyone at all to claim to be representing a rights holder for purposes of requesting a takedown, with no actual controls against fraud,” according to Bungie’s complaint.

Bungie claimed that Minor started his retaliation when he himself received DMCA takedown requests in December 2021 in connection with uploading Destiny: The Taken King’s original music. The complaint claims that Minor issued DMCA takedown notices to YouTube 96 times “in an effort to have YouTube urge innocent producers to erase their Destiny 2 videos or risk copyright strikes, hurting Bungie’s community of players, broadcasters, and fans.” For obvious reasons, this seriously hurt Bungie’s reputation and financial situation.

The copyright takedown requests were brought to Bungie’s attention in March, and the company let fans know through Twitter that they “are NOT being taken at the desire of Bungie or our partners.” The complaint quotes Minor’s “Manifesto,” which was also issued to the Destiny community that month and included an admission of the bogus takedowns.

According to Bungie’s legal team, the Manifesto “reads like a cliched ‘see what you made me do letter’ from the serial killer in a lousy novel.”

The Western District of Washington State, home to Bungie’s corporate headquarters, is where the complaint was filed. Bungie claims in the complaint that it “allows players to create videos using Destiny gameplay” and uploads them to YouTube and other platforms that charge for the content.

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However, the studio does reserve the right to defend its intellectual property rights in situations where the letter of its user-created content standards is disregarded. According to the complaint, Minor’s widespread uploading of The Taken King’s OST was against these rules.

The lawsuit requests at least $7.6 million, or $150,000, for each of the 51 times Minor is said to have violated registered copyrights of Bungie by submitting the bogus takedown demands. Other elements of the lawsuit ask for specific actual and statutory damages in order to “showcase the severe repercussions that await anyone else foolish enough to […] target Bungie’s community for attack.”

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“We intend to seek a stay,” Juul’s statement concluded, “and are exploring all of our options under the F.D.A.’s regulations and the law, including appealing the decision and engaging with our regulator.”Public health groups hailed the ruling. “The F.D.A.’s decision to remove all Juul products from the marketplace is both most welcomed and long overdue,” said Erika Sward, national assistant vice president of advocacy for the American Lung Association. “Juul’s campaign to target and hook kids on tobacco has gone on for far too long.”
A statement from the American Vapor Manufacturers Association, an industry trade group, hinted at the fight ahead. “Measured in lives lost and potential destroyed, F.D.A.’s staggering indifference to ordinary Americans and their right to switch to the vastly safer alternative of vaping will surely rank as one of the greatest episodes of regulatory malpractice in American history,” Amanda Wheeler, the association’s president, said in a statement.
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Broadly, the F.D.A. is walking a fine line in remaking the landscape for nicotine products. It is trying to wean the public off traditional cigarettes while permitting less harmful vaping products that do not attract a new generation of users: The new devices must be appealing for smoking cessation but not so appealing that they lure young people en masse.
The agency’s ruling against Juul capped a nearly two-year review of data that the company had submitted to try to win authorization to continue selling its tobacco and menthol-flavored products in the United States. Specifically, Juul sought approval for — and the F.D.A. rejected — a Juul vaping device and four different pods, including tobacco pods with nicotine concentrations of 3 percent and 5 percent and menthol-flavored pods with the same levels.
“It’s clear that the company was given an opportunity to address questions and concerns related to safety, toxicology, and potential genotoxicity, and for whatever reason, the company was unable to meet its burden and that led to a negative marketing order,” said Mitch Zeller, a former director of the agency’s tobacco center who retired in April.
He said Juul could submit an entirely new application for a revamped product — one that presumably addressed the agency’s concerns about the leaching of chemicals. The F.D.A. began an investigation into Juul’s marketing efforts four years ago. Before that time, Juul had advertised its product using attractive young models and flavors like cool cucumber and creme brulee that critics said attracted underage users.
In April 2018, the F.D.A. announced a crackdown on the sale of such products, including Juul’s, to people under the age of 21.
Use among young people had soared. In 2017, 19 percent of 12th graders, 16 percent of 10th graders, and 8 percent of eighth-graders reported vaping nicotine in the previous year, according to Monitoring the Future, an annual survey done for the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For its part, Juul routinely denied that it targeted young people, but it was pursued in lawsuits and by state attorneys general, with some cases resulting in millions of dollars in damages against the company.
In one settlement in 2021, Juul agreed to pay $40 million to North Carolina, which represented various parties in the state who asserted the company had helped lure underage users to vape. More than a dozen other states have lawsuits and investigations that are still pending. The news is somewhat less weighty for the industry now than it would have been in Juul’s heyday, given the company’s plummeting market share. Once the dominant player with 75 percent of the market, Juul now has a considerably smaller share of the market.
But the news delivers a significant blow to Altria, formerly known as Philip Morris and the maker of Marlboro, which in December 2018 bought 35 percent of Juul for $12.8 billion. Altria made the investment to counteract slowing tobacco sales, while Juul looked to Altria as an ally to help it navigate increased regulatory scrutiny.
Neither of those strategies appears to have worked out. Altria has written down the value of its investment in Juul by more than $11 billion, to $1.7 billion. Altria, which gets about 90 percent of its revenue from smokable products, saw revenue fall slightly last year. Its stock is down more than 40 percent over the past five years, and 20 percent just in the past month. Juul, for its part, saw its revenue fall to $1.3 billion in 2021, from $2 billion in 2019, with about 95 percent in U.S. sales.
“We are disappointed with today’s decision and continue to believe that e-vapor can play an important role in harm reduction for adult smokers,” Altria said in a statement. At its peak, Juul had more than 4,000 employees. It now has slightly over 1,000, mostly in the United States, but with some in Canada, Britain, and other countries. E-cigarettes have been sold on the U.S. market for more than a decade without formal F.D.A. authorization because they did not fall under the agency’s regulatory purview for several years.
In 2019, the F.D.A. issued a warning letter to Juul, saying that the company violated federal regulations because it had not received approval to promote and sell its products as a healthier option for smoking.
 The F.D.A. recently said it had so far rejected more than a million applications for products it considered more of a health risk than a benefit. In October, it authorized R.J. Reynolds to continue marketing Vuse.
This was the first time the agency granted approval to a vaping product made by a big cigarette company. In March, the agency authorized several tobacco-flavored products from Logic Technology Development, saying the company was able to show that its products were likely to help adults make the transition from traditional cigarettes while posing a low risk of attracting the young, new users.
Some tobacco control experts said the decision to ban Juul from the U.S. market could be counterproductive.
Clifford Douglas, director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network, said that many experts had come to see Juul and other e-cigarettes as valuable tools for helping adult smokers quit conventional cigarettes.
“They are off-ramps that can provide smokers an alternative to combustibles, which are responsible for virtually every death related to tobacco,” he said. “But now that off-ramp is being narrowed and sort of paved over, which is putting millions of adult lives at stake. One hopes Juul can respond effectively to the request for more scientific analysis, make any product adjustments that may be called for, and again offer their products to adults in need.”
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