The Cause Of Death Of Comedian Gallagher Is Described

According to The Sun, comedian Gallagher passed away at the age of 76. Observational humour, props, and the signature watermelon-smashing of Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr. made him well-known. His comedy repertoire consists of 13 one-hour Showtime specials and 13 HBO specials. The Cause Of Death Of Comedian Gallagher Is Described.

With the ironic tagline “Finally, a governor you can get drunk with,” Gallagher ran for governor of California in 2003. His jokes occasionally crossed the line into the politically and socially incorrect, with some people finding them offensive. However, Gallagher had a sizable fan base that allowed him to put on 100 crazy shows year for 30 years while shattering an estimated 15,000 watermelons.

With the first stand-up comedy special to premiere on Showtime in 1980, Gallagher rose to popularity. According to Variety, his “Sledge-O-Matic” routine, in which he used a sledgehammer to shatter food, particularly watermelons, into fragments that showered the first unwitting audience, was first performed on the “An Uncensored Evening” show, which introduced America to him.


Till the COVID-19 pandemic, Gallagher performed on the road despite health issues. He also made an appearance in “The Book of Daniel.” The “Last Smash,” Gallagher’s final tour, took place in 2019.

The Cause Of Death Of Comedian Gallagher Is Described

Gallagher Fought a Health Problem

After collapsing on stage at a live performance in Minnesota in 2011, Gallagher has experienced health issues for years (per The Sun). He had a heart attack in 2012 just before a performance in Texas.

In the years that followed, despite having repeated heart attacks, he kept on touring. Longtime manager of Gallagher told TMZ, “For many years, Gallagher toured America on the road. By sheer attrition, he was very certain that he was the man with the most stand-up performances.

Gallagher was an unquestionable talent and an American success story, despite the fact that he had his critics.” According to NBC News, Gallagher passed away from catastrophic organ failure at his Palm Springs, California, home while receiving hospice care. Uncertain whether the comedian ever wed, Gallagher is survived by his two children, daughter Aimee and son Barnaby, according to The Sun.


Whether you like him or not, the “Wizard of Odd” still has a huge back history of live performances and specials, making him the most popular comedian in terms of attendance and viewership for years.

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