The Family Says Elder Brother Tried to Help 6-year-old in WA Logging Disaster

According to family relatives, a 6-year-old boy perished in a logging accident in Washington as his older brother was attempting to save him. A stray log started rolling directly toward the 6-year-old while Chris Bell, 27, was out getting firewood with his younger brother Noah and his father, a family friend wrote in an online campaign.

Carol Jones posted on the GoFundMe website, “While getting firewood, a fallen tree began to roll, and was on a perilous route. Unfortunately, Noah did not survive despite Chris’ rapid actions in trying to save his younger brother. Bell was pinned beneath the tree and, according to Jones’ post, was taken by helicopter to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane with “severe injuries.”

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According to the GoFundMe website, Jones attends Laclede Community Church with other members of the congregation. The church’s pastor, Josh Jones, disclosed to the Spokesman-Review Bell’s employment as a truck driver. Josh Jones has been updating the locals via the church’s Facebook page. On Wednesday, he reported that Bell was off the ventilator and was able to speak and request meals.

Josh Jones stated, “He will spend a few weeks in the hospital and then transfer to a rehabilitation center for another six weeks. For ten weeks, he will be in a wheelchair. Noah Bell’s birthday was only two days before the incident, according to Allison Bell, Bell’s wife, who spoke to KHQ6. She informed the outlet, “We know he’s in a better place.

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