The Pact Series 2 Ending Explained: Where is This Series Filmed?

Pete McTighe produced and wrote the British television drama series The Pact, which was filmed primarily in South Wales. It premiered on BBC One on May 17, 2021, and was produced by Little Door Productions. A second season, including an all-new cast and narrative, was announced on April 6, 2022, and it debuted on October 24, 2022.

Anna, Nancy, Cat, and Louie are four best friends who all share the same workplace: a family brewery in the middle of Wales that has been in operation for 100 years. Arwel, Louie’s brother, and the owner has retired and left his son Jack in charge. Jack is a cocaine addict who shows disdain for his employees. A group of four partygoers kidnap a tipsy and stoned Jack at the centennial celebration and take him far into the woods.

The Pact Series 2 Ending Explained

Years ago, Christine’s friend and former coworker Kate had a client who was pregnant and struggling with substance misuse. She gave birth, then ran out of the squat without taking her newborn with her. Kate, who was having difficulties of her own, reached out to Christine for assistance, and Christine immediately stepped in.

Christine hoped that her child would have a happier upbringing than she did because she wanted to provide her with the family and community she lacked. There was a chance that wouldn’t happen if the boy was placed in foster care, so she claimed him as her own and gave him the name Liam. Before he came into Christine’s life, though, she had never heard of his brother Connor.

Harry, her husband, was not thrilled about her decision, but he did respect and stand by her. Their relationship eventually broke down under the weight of the mounting tension. However, that wasn’t the only mystery solved by the end. The others, you ask? Christine was asked by Megan’s husband, Gethin. If you can fib about Liam, then who are you going to lie about? Will, Jamie, or Megan?

The Pact Series 2
The Pact Series 2

Megan recalled that when they were younger, they constantly relocated from London to Manchester to Wales, and Will remarked that he had never seen a photo of Christine while she was pregnant. After the fact, Christine tried to persuade the gang that their accounts didn’t square with Liam’s, but it was too late. “We’re not a family,” Megan declared. “They’re a cult.”

Kayla, one of Christine’s clients, and her newborn baby arrived at the house not long after. She, like Liam, had a drug problem that was interfering with her parenting. But she also felt the burden of something else. Kayla told Christine that she was with Liam at the time of his death. He requested her to bring him something “powerful” because he was feeling down and had no one to turn to for comfort. Kayla gave him an injection much as she would give herself, but it was lethal.

Christine, after discovering the truth, decided to inflict the same suffering on Kayla as she had through after losing Liam by kidnapping the couple’s child. While her family frantically tried to locate her, she made her way to the beach to sit in the same area she had with Liam when he was teething.

Will and Jamie showed up there shortly after, and Megan arrived shortly after that to take the baby from her. Christine, however, jumped off the cliff when no one was looking, leaving behind three distraught kids and a voicemail in which she claimed responsibility for putting GHB in Connor’s system. Since we don’t know much about Megan, Will, or Jamie’s upbringing, it’s safe to infer that they, too, came from very unstable homes.

Christine’s actions with both Liam and the other people were motivated by a desire to spare them the same pain she had experienced. Although her actions are not justified under the law, many viewers can identify with how she handled the difficult situations she faced.

“Christine, like every parent, will do everything for her children,” Rakie Ayola told and other media. “In addition, she may make decisions that she believes are best for her, but which others may disagree with. As long as they are safe, nothing will stop her from doing whatever it takes.”

Where is the Pact Series 2 Filmed?

The second season of The Pact made extensive use of the beautiful natural scenery in South Wales. However, the most recent season is set on the seashore rather than in the interior like in Series One. Pete McTighe, the show’s creator, said, “There’s something lovely but also melancholy and almost sorrowful about the Welsh coast,” in describing why the show was moved there.

The area’s many cliffs and beaches that have been battered by the elements worked wonderfully to create this sense of foreboding. The Victorian Welsh town of Penarth, with its namesake pier, was featured prominently in Series Two of The Pact. This picturesque tourist destination, which first opened in 1898, was a hit with everyone involved in making the film, from the directors to the actors.

I had no idea that was out there,” Rakie Ayola (Christine Rees) said to WhattoWatch. “It was an eye-opening experience for me to work there; I felt both delight and melancholy at the thought that it could have been my childhood. Why my parents didn’t take us there more often when we were youngsters, I’ll never know.”

Barry, a popular beach destination made famous by the TV series Gavin and Stacey, is where Will and Samantha currently make their home. Actor Jordan Wilks, who plays series newcomer Connor in Season 2 of The Pact, said that the picturesque seaside community was his personal “favorite” location.

“Living in London is like being in a concrete jungle, whereas in Barry or Cardiff you can drive to the beach in under ten minutes. Marine Drive in Barry was my favorite place in the world. The location of Will and Samantha’s residence.”

The Pact Series 2 Cast And Characters

Rakie Ayola

Welsh stage and screen actress Rakie Olufunmilayo Ayola (born May 1968) is a household name. Ayola has performed in several Shakespearean productions, as well as television shows like Black Mirror and Noughts & Crosses, as well as television shows like Doctor Who, Silent Witness, and EastEnders, and in films like Great Moments in Aviation, The I Inside, and Sahara. From series eight through eleven of the BBC medical program Holby City, she portrayed Kyla Tyson.

Laura Fraser

Scotland’s own Laura Fraser is a star in the acting world. She has played a variety of roles, including Door on the urban fantasy show Neverwhere, Kate in the film A Knight’s Tale, Cat MacKenzie on the BBC Three drama series Lip Service, and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle on the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul.

Julie Hesmondhalgh

English actress and narrator Julie Claire Hesmondhalgh. As Hayley Cropper on the ITV serial series Coronation Street from 1998 to 2014, she became a household name. This performance earned her the 2014 National Television Award for Best Serial Drama Performance and the 2014 British Soap Award for Best Actress.

The Pact Series 2 Trailer

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