Two incumbent Lake County Council members lose in primaries

Clorius Lay, a member of the Gary Common Council, is one step closer to returning to Crown Point and working on behalf of all Lake County residents. In the Democratic primary for Lake County Council District 2, Lay defeated Al Menchaca, D-Gary, according to unofficial results.

Lay is almost guaranteed to win the general election on Nov. 8 since no Republican is running in the district, which encompasses parts of Gary’s west side as well as Griffith, Highland, and unincorporated Calumet Township. The Democratic nominee said he wasn’t shocked he beat Menchaca, who was appointed to the council in June 2019 to finish the four-year term Councilwoman Elsie Franklin had won eight months before.

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“In all of the races, I wasn’t startled by anything,” Lay stated. “Nothing caught me off guard. It turned out pretty much as I had hoped.”Lay said he has no specific policy in mind if he is elected to the county’s financial governing board, which has seven members.

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He said he’s been reviewing recent county council meeting minutes to come up to speed on what he might be able to accomplish working with his prospective colleagues, and that he’s been doing so since Wednesday.”I haven’t planned anything for A, B, C, D, or F. However, I can tell you what my voting premise is: the needs of the many outnumber the interests of the few and the one. So that’s how I approach governance in general “Lay explained.

Lay formerly worked for numerous Lake County government organizations as an attorney. Lay has also been elected to the boards of trustees for the Gary Community School Corporation and the Calumet Township Board, in addition to the Gary Common Council. When he competed for the District 2 position on the county council in a four-candidate Democratic primary in 2018, he came up short by 258 votes.

Lay explained, “I completely realise what I was doing when I decided to run for it.” “I’ve worked at every level of government, including twice as an assistant county attorney.”Menchaca did not return a call seeking comment on his loss in the race. He is anticipated to finish out his tenure until December 31. At Tuesday’s primary elections, two incumbent Lake County Council members were defeated.

In District 7, Lake County Councilman Christian Jorgensen, R-St. John was beaten for the Republican nomination and a chance to represent the southern half of the county on the council by Cedar Lake Town Council President Randy Niemeyer. In the general election, Niemeyer will face Democrat Michael Jacobi of Winfield for a four-year term.

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