First Blood Season 2 Release Date, Cast And What Will Happen In The Storyline Check Here!

First Blood Season 2

The hit serial killer thriller Dexter has resurfaced with a reboot named Dexter: New Blood, an entire eight years after the series’ dismal finale.

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When Could We Expect To See In Season 2 Of Dexter: New Blood?

It is way too soon to make any educated guesses about this, especially because it is still completed its intended run.

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Who Could Be In The Cast Of A Second Season Of Dexter: New Blood?

Following Dexter’s death, it appears that Michael C. Hall will not be returning to the role

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What Would Be The Storyline Of New Blood Season 2?

Phillips has disclosed that after Dexter’s death in the New Blood finale, the focus of a second season would move to Dexter’s now-grown son Harrison.

Dexter: New Blood Season 1 Ending – Is Dexter Dead?

Despite their rocky beginnings, Dexter and Harrison eventually grew close by the end of New Blood